~*Chapter 20*~

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3rd Person

Have you figured it out yet?

Who the Princess of Secrets is?

Oh my, you thought it was Jess.

No, do the math again, my friend.

Who has the most secrets, or the biggest?

I'm not telling you, not just yet.

Let's hope you've figured it out soon enough.

I can give you a hint.


Here's the possible contestants:






Raven Bones



Let's hope you pick the right choice...

Max's POV

We got to the castle, to have the sappiest reunion ever. A few hundred parents embracing their daughters.

The Phoenix Queen and King were overjoyed.

"Hey, I can give you a ride to your castle..." Shelby said slowly, glancing at my arms.

I glanced down at the lifeless Gem, brushing some hair out of her eyes.

I felt a hand placed on my shoulder, and looked to see Shelby staring straight in my eyes.

"You're going to be okay. I know it hurts, we haven't seen our siblings in two years, and this is how we meet. But your sister- she died a hero."

"I know," I cried, "but it still hurts right now."

"Hey Max? Do you need to talk?" a small voice asked.

I turned around, to all the best people in the world behind me.

Nana, Adam, Ross, Shelby, Lucinda, Travis, Zane, Aaron, Jess, Red, and Barney. (Yes, they were doing some work, it's off the book work, they couldn't be at the meeting.)

The accepting people with secrets, who aren't see through. Who don't tell you everything, unless they trust you deeply.

I glanced down at Gem.

"I just have one small question..."

"What could that be?" Lucinda asked.

"How many secrets has my little sister been hiding?"

"We believe we can try to answer," Andy said, walking next to his brother, the River Army behind him.

"Okay then," Lucinda said, "let's get started."


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