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Chapter 65

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Tonight is Game 6 of the second round and I'm confident that our guys will win this. Blake and I aren't riding together because I want him to be focused.

When I got to the Staples Center, I found my seat next to Monique & Jada and we waited for the game to start.

"Y'all I'm nervous. If OKC wins tonight, it's over," Monique said kinda hysterically.

"Woah! Monique, calm down," Jada said laughing a little, "they got this."

She nodded and calmed down for a while, or at least until the game actually started.


The game started off pretty good; at halftime, the Clippers were in the lead 50-42. Once the third quarter started, I think OKC started to get fired up.

At the end of the third, it was tied at 72. I didn't start getting nervous until the fourth quarter; Durant & Westbrook are on a roll.

The Clippers managed to regain the lead, but they lost it. I looked over at the bench and Blake had his head in his hands. It broke my heart.

The game ended with the score being 104-98. It was a devastating loss.

I would usually wait around to talk to Blake, but tonight I didn't. I just went to his house to wait for him there.


I sat on the couch waiting for Blake to come home. After some time passed, he came in. I've learned from personal experience, that athletes aren't usually up to talk after a loss, so I didn't speak to him.

He walked in the living room and I turned around to look at him. He looked so tired and so upset. He walked around the couch, grabbed my hand and he lead me upstairs to his room. We sat on his bed and he held my hand.

"We fucked up," he said quietly.

"Baby, don't say that. Y'all did great. There were bad calls all over the place -- something y'all had no control over. Don't beat yourself up."

I stood up and stood in between his legs. He pulled me into a hug and I just hugged him back. My shirt felt a little wet, so I assumed he was crying which made me cry. It just sucks because I know how bad they wanted this.


*a couple weeks later*

Blake, DJ, Cory, Monique & the Reeds are going to San Diego and to be honest, I think they deserve to have some fun after all the shit they've gone through.

I was packing Blake's stuff when he came in the room and put his hands on my waist.

"Are you sure you can't go? It's gonna be weird without you."

"I wish I could, but I can't. Ashaunte needs me at the store, Caroline is gonna need extra help and I'm going home for my brother's graduation."

I turned to face him and he pushed me on the bed. He lied on top of me and pecked my lips over and over.

"I'm gonna miss you though," he said.

"I'm gonna miss you too, but I'm sure you'll be glad to get away from me for a while."

"Nah, I love seeing your face everyday."


I'm back in South Carolina to surprise my brother for his graduation. No one knows I'm home, so it's almost like a surprise for everyone.

After I got out of the shower and dried off, I put on khaki shorts, a white tank top and red sandals. I got my red cardigan and converse just in case. I put my phone in my pocket, got my keys and left for the coliseum.

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