Seventeen-Growing Bump

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Scott rolled over, then tried to roll over once more

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Scott rolled over, then tried to roll over once more.
"Come on, please Sloane." Scott pleaded.
"What's wrong?" Stiles asks, rolling over to look at Scott.
Scott rubbed my bump "She is getting bigger. I just need to roll over."
"Then roll over?"
"Ha, Wow. How smart of an answer. I would, except you know, I am heavily pregnant Stiles."
Stiles puts his hand on Scott's bump, next to his "You are getting bigger. Papa is starting to waddle even."
Scott playfully nudges Stiles "I do not waddle. Do I?"
"Of course not Scotty." Stiles lies.
"I hear your heartbeat." Reminded Scott.
"So you caught me lying. But know how I will always love you! And Sloane too." Stiles grins.
Scott rolled his eyes "What is our plans for today?"
Stiles rubs his eyes "Whatever you want to do."
"So we can eat ourselves sick with junk food and watch movies?"
"If That is what you want, then absolutely Scott."
"No, wait." Scott added.
"Okay? Now what.."
"I need clothes. My jeans are tight."
Scott lifted up his shirt, his rounding belly appearing.
Stiles leans down to kiss Scott's bump "Good morning baby girl."
Sloane kicking against Scott and Stiles.
"She likes your voice." Scott said.
"Well, I just like her, just in general."
Scott laughed.
Stiles shyly smiled too.

Stiles was cooking breakfast, oatmeal, when Scott comes downstairs "What are you making?"
"Oatmeal." Stiles answered, hanging over the bowl.
"Oatmeal expands." Scott says.
"Sit down and eat." Stiles forces, pointing to the chair.

Scott accepts the bowl, but grumbled as he walked to the table.

Stiles sits next to Scott "Cheers." They clink their spoons.

"Why are you walking so fast?" Scott complained. Stiles stops, turns around to Scott, and takes his arm "Forgot that you waddle around now." Stiles answered.
"I do not waddle."
"Like a little penguin." Stiles added.
"Maybe you should start feeding me fish then."
"You are a rare penguin. A penguin who cannot eat fish." Stiles tapped Scott's bump.
"Ha. Are we there yet? I need new shoes too. These are uncomfortable." Scott commented.
"We will get you shoes. First, let's get you jeans."

"How do they look?"
Scott walks out from the room.
Stiles looks.
"How do they feel?" He asks.
"Still tight."
"You need the elastic. It helps." Stiles said, yet again.
Scott sighs "I know I do. But those are for pregnant ladies. And I am not."
"You are pregnant though." Stiles argues.
Scott cocks his head "Will you please get me one? Preferably black."
"Of course I will." Stiles kisses Scott's cheek.

Stiles comes back with a few jeans options.
"So, this happened?"
Stiles looks at Scott.
The current jeans he was wearing, the button had popped off, and a slit down the side.
"Well, That did happen. It's okay."
Scott's bottom lip trembled.
Stiles sighed. He wraps Scott in a hug, a smile pressing against him as he feels Scott's bump pushing against his stomach "You are pregnant Scott. Preg-nant. With child."
"I am disgusted!"
"Not at all. Everything is perfect about you Scott, now and forever."
"Really?" Scott sniffled.
"I have always been honest with you Scotty." Stiles smiled.
"How silly of me." Scott wipes his eyes.
"Not at all. Now, how about you try these jeans?" Stiles tossed the jeans into the dressing room with Scott.

Stiles sat on the sofa while waiting for Scott to come out.
Scott walked out.
"How do they feel?"
"Very roomy." Scott lifted up his shirt, showing his jeans.
Stiles was surprised how stretchy they really were "That's good." Stiles nodded in approval.

Stiles had cooked for them, tonight a roast.
"Can you pass me the sauce?" Stiles asks.
Scott turned away from cutting apples, to grab the sauce.
As he turned though, his belly hit the sauce bottle, shattering it to the ground.

Stiles jumped "You Okay Scott?"
Scott holds his bump "She is surprised." Scott laughed.
"I can imagine! Are you hurt though?" Stiles repeated.
"We're fine. Still hungry." Scott answered.
"How about we order pizzas tonight?"
"Yes please!" Scott laughed.
Stiles fished for his phone, and placed an order for two deliveries.

"Be here by seven."

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