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*WARNING! This story contains some SMUT and explicit language! It contains one or more sexually explicit writings! So if you are not old enough or don't like to read SMUT then please do not continue to read this story! Thank You!*


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Scarlett was a reckless, rebellious, wild child who didn't believe in Love when she met Cole. They were High School Sweethearts facing the world together at 16, young and in Love. Against the world, blindly in love, they married at 18. Fast forward 7 years Scarlett is 25 and is Cole 26. Their marriage is barely holding on and life has tore them to pieces, leaving shadows of their former selves. They can't live in denial anymore, they still love each other, but the light & fire that once burned so brightly between them has died. At one last attempt to save their marriage Cole and Scarlett decide to "take-a-break" & see if they really are meant to be like they once believed.

Scarlett heads to Georgia to live with her gay best friend Luca, during the "break", while Cole stays behind in their apartment in LA. Scarlett and Cole promise to communicate during the break and abide by the list of rules they set in place. As a lifeline between them, Luca talks to both sides and promises to watch out for Scarlett while she's living with him. Luca is secretly, but not really, rooting for them to come back together at the end of the break. #TeamS&C all the way!

Life, however, has other plans for S&C. While out one night with Luca, Scarlett meets someone she wasn't expecting to and what follows after completely shifts and throws her world upside down. Shane is an unexpected hurricane that spins her life out of control and the worst part is he isn't even sorry about it, not one bit.

Can Scarlett survive the hurricane that is Shane? Can she survive enough to get back to Cole? Does she even want to? And does it matter that Luca is #TeamS&C? Or will he switch sides unexpectedly too?

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