Chapter#:2 (Season 2 Part One) The Sports Festival Begins

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A couple of days has passed since I learned the truth about your friend it was surprising at first but made sense considering he was Quirkless but what did get Me was this Whole Giving a Quirk to someone else I mean because nobody's ever heard of this but I guess that's the point so I'll just leave it alone and the fact that when we first finished the entrance exam he lied to you but I'll let that go because he had to keep a secret

I Got Up from bed and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth and start my routine


I arrived at school and walked into my classroom and strangely I look to see Bakugou looking like he was upset but I left it alone I mean because he's always like that right?

"Hey" I Said to Midoriya who was only a couple of desks away

"Hi" He responded

"So abou-" I was cut off by Aizawa walking into class telling everybody to sit down


After class I attempted to make my way out the door only to be stopped what a crowd of other students started riling up at the door

"Whoa" I was shocked

"Wha-" You Were cut off again when Bakugou yelled right next to your ear
At the guy looking dead at you he had purple like hair and eyes that looked like it would pierce your soul

"Nope" I said as I froze time and walked out the classroom

After that I began to train to freeze time for a long time and enhance my martial arts and on the day the sports festival began I was able to Find a new ability then learn a longer amount of time frozen I could now rewind time back for 12 Seconds


I walked to my classroom only so we could head to the changing room after I finish changing Todoroki walked up to Midoriya

"Midoriya You know I'm stronger than you right I Don't know what's going on between you and All Might and I won't try to pry it out from you but I will Beat You" Todoroki Said as he walked away and me walking towards him until Midoriya spoke

"Todoroki I Know Your Stronger than me but I am also aiming for the top"

Todoroki turned around and left

After everybody walked out we were met by Midnight to explain what we were doing she called me up because I got first place on the exam to Speak on the microphone on the stand

"Let's have fun" you said trying not to be mean as everyone cheered

After that we were told that we would all race each other in a race and see who would win

After that everyone started to line up
As the countdown began


Alright Guys That Was That Uhh I  Want To Know If (Y/N) Should Win or Lose the Sports Festival

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