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DANIEL Fri. 03/20

A heavy groan erupted from the back of my throat as I rested my forehead against her temple. And without much thought, I pulled her chest even closer to my own—as if there were anymore space left between us—while inching in one last thrust.

She finally released the breath that she's been holding in for a while now. As her shoulders dropped to relax against the dampened sheets, she laid her head back slowly to catch the remaining.

She chuckled quietly as her eyes became glued to the ceiling. She then took another deep breath as I planted a few tender pecks along the outlines of her neck.

She muffled a shaky moan just as I teased her delicate skin between my teeth. And while loosening my grip around her torso, I pulled my shaft from within her.

"That was good, Danny." She whispered to me. "I needed that." She laughed a bit, still out of breath.

"I know you did." I mumbled against her lips, then traced a sweet kiss upon them. After another, I eventually removed myself from above her to rest at her side.

"You should go, now." While she, pulled herself away from the sheets, sure to keep her breasts covered when doing so.

"My aunt will be here in a little while." She then stated, faintly. With a small simper spreading over her face, she tussled through her sweaty hair, then brushed those waves off her shoulders.

"I don't want you to get into any trouble being here." She said, her chestnut colored eyes steadily trailing away from mine.

The hard glare that sculpted my face, pierced into the side of her own. She nervously fiddled with her hands, not daring to look into my direction. I swear that I couldn't cut the irritation—that made a home on the corners of my mouth—with a knife if I wanted to.

But fortunately for her, I didn't bother to respond towards her rejection. Quite honestly, there wasn't much for me to say that could convince her to let me stick around for a little while longer.

Because deep down, I was aware that she really didn't want me here. She never did. It was the truth that we both knew in this affair.

I simply meant nothing to her. Yet sadly, she meant everything to me.

This was not just some fun ride that I enjoyed getting a kick out of. This was real to me. I would give anything in order to have the opportunity to hold her after making love to her.

I would travel to the moon and back just to have her feel what I've been feeling for years now.

Sadly however, she was too blinded to see what I could and too stubborn to allow herself to be happy. All I've ever wanted for her was pure contentment, and I was so sure of being the one to give that to her.

It's what she's given me, and she still didn't realize it.

I eventually set my eyes elsewhere, then exhaled a long breath of annoyance. The frustrating silence that began to crowd this room was giving me a massive migraine, and because of that I was ready to leave.

I didn't have much of a choice but to do so, anyway.

So without a word to her, I pulled myself out of the bed to gather myself and my belongings. I stripped the condom from my length to expose before tugging on my clothes afterwards.

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