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He smirked as he heard me whimper and gAsP

I moaned and ThReW my head back in pain

"Ow. . . Stop, it doesn't fit."

"It's tOo tiGhT."

He smiled eVen wider



. . .

"Your foot is rEally big"


*throws holy water around*

Boi if you thought this was turning into something heated then you have a serious problem

Y'all need to go to church more

I'm going to have the Lord send like a lOt of holy water to y'all



Omg I just came back to this chapter a couple months after it was written and like why are you reading this right now


You could be doing homework

Or read a better book

Or like pet your dog

I know I need a life y'all

Wowie, guys this book is actually being ranked lmaooo
Idek what I'm supposed to do with this book anymore

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