♣. Your Ex

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First one requested. Hollah~

Dear Jamie,

I still remember our first kiss.

That same day, you punched me and called me a jerk after I told you how cute you were. I thought you were being shy. Admittedly, I was sort of a dipshit, so naturally, I did what dipshits do best.

I kind of tackled you to the ground and we ended up awkwardly making out.


Half the time you missed and licked my nose.

It was perfect.

We sort of came crashing down from Cloud 9 when my nose started bleeding, though. Apparently you broke it.

Smart move, jackass.

But it was sweet that you rode in the ambulance with me to the emergency room, even if you were blushing like mad. I thought it was adorable.

I told you so, and you kicked me in the shins. 

Then you flipped shit when you remembered that my nose was broken. I said it was okay, but you had a panic attack and fainted on the spot. I hit my head trying to help you up and blacked out.

When I woke up in the hospital to see you standing there, I grabbed your arm out of reflex and you accidentally beat me over the head with the textbooks you'd brought for me to make up my homework.

Our entire relationship was basically like that. Remember that one time you got stuck on the carousel and accidentally kneed me in the balls when I came to help you?

I swear I couldn't move properly for days after that. 

Either way.

I think I still kind of love you.

I just hope you don't read this, because you'll probably break my nose again c;



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