Chapter 17

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Me and Alex were already decorating our new house. We got a new mattress and a new blanket so that was already laying there. We didn't have to repaint the out of the inside of the house so we could already start with the rooms, we decided that in the basement we are going to put a training room so that or Alex and I don't have to go to the sport school. Upstairs there was Coming a music room. And we had our room and then we had the guest rooms, All the rooms had their own bathroom.

We didn't do so much today we just made our plans and we started with the training room. And their was a electric fireplace which I really liked. It started getting really late when I looked outside and saw that it was raining really hard. I could see that there was a strong wind as the threes were moving really hard. I looked at my phone and looked at the news. Great I thought as I red the news site. "Code red try to not go outside, if you're inside stay where you are as it can get dangerous and don't go on the roads if you dot have an emergency" I looked outside when I saw a flash. And not a second later a loud thunder. One thing I hadn't told Alex was that I was terrified of storms. As I heard the thunder I immediately started to panic and I ran down to where Alex was. He turned around as he heard me running and I jumped on him, hugging him tightly. "Are you okay?" He asked seeing the scared look on my face. I got off of him and showed him the news. "Great" He said. "Well I think we have to stay here" I looked at him. Then I heard another loud bang and I squealed. "Are you scared of thunder?" He asked. "No! I said. "Okay I'm terrified only because a flash ones hit the three in front of my house and it started to burn" I said. "Okay well don't worry I'm here" I nodded and we walked upstairs.

"How are we going to do this?" I asked. "Wait I have an idea" he says. He walked out of the room and came back with the mattress and the blanket. He laid the mattress in the middle of the living room and put some pillows and the blanket on it, he grabbed my laptop and opens Netflix. I grabbed some candles as we didn't have light yet. "Well I mean it's good we already installed the WiFi instead of the lights" I said. He laughed. We got on the mattress and under the blanket. I only wore the shirt Alex was waiting and Alex wore only his jogging pants. We spend the whole night watching movies and cuddling when he fell asleep. I put my laptop away and blew the candles out not wanting to burn this place down on our first day. I laid back down and gave Alex a kiss. "Goodnight baba" I said. Pulling the blanket over me not much later I was fast asleep.

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