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Uncle tells Leah I'm sick and can't come over. Half true. I'm sick because I hurt all over my body, ice packs everywhere. He calls mommy too, saying I should stay at his house Monday too, that he'll take me to school. I took clothes for Leah's house so I'll have school clothes.
     For the next day he hurts me again, making me do things to him. He calls me off school Monday, saying I'm still sick.
I finally get to go to school Tuesday morning and I'm met up with my friends again.
     "Sam?" Hannah asks. "You were sick?" I nod, moving slowly into school. "You look awful, still."
     I wanted to tell someone, especially Leah.
     "Sam, if you're feeling better tonight after school, our moms said you could stay with me tonight and we'll take you to school tomorrow." Tommy asks. I haven't seen my mom all weekend and she's still busy. But I don't want to stay with Uncle. Never again.
     "Okay." I choke out.
Over at Tommy's, his mom and dad say they have a present for Tommy. They took us out for icecream and now I'm in the kitchen. I think back to Uncle and freak out. "No! Tommy doesn't need a present!" I yell. I hide Tommy behind me and glare at his parents. "Don't hurt Tommy, he didn't do anything wrong!"  I begin crying hysterically.
     "Samantha," his dad says, walking over to me, trying to touch my shoulders. I scream. "What's wrong?"
     He backs up. I continue crying and rush over to his mom, hugging her. "Uncle said he had a present for me," I cry out. "He hurt me and kept me from school Monday!" I cry louder in pain. "I want my mommy!"



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