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"Hi, Uncle. What's my surprize?" I ask, hopping into his truck with my  purple barney backpack.
     He laughs. "Slow down there, kiddo. It'll come soon enough." I smile. "First, how about some icecream?"
     I jump for joy. He tells me to put on my seat belt so we can go. When we arrive, I tell him I want cookie dough with sprinkles. He gets a banana boat.
     I gobble down my icecream with brain freezes coming in. We get back to his house and Uncle shuts off his truck. He gets out, rounding the truck to my side, lifting me out by my butt.
     "You've grown. Haven't you, bumblebee?" he asks. I nod, feeling uncomfortable already."Well, let's getcha inside and I'll give you your surprize."
     My eyes light up in happiness, hoping for a dolly. I'm carried in, my butt squeezed every step. His fingers lightly brushing my private parts. This gets me worked up, something he's taught me to do.
     My body tingles in excitement, as I'm dropped onto a chair. He sits next to me and starts rubbing my back. "You haven't told anyone yet, have you?"
     I shake my head. "You told me not to."
     "Good," He says. "If your daddy was alive, you and him would have the same special relationship that we have."
     I stay silent. "You're very pretty, Samantha." I still say nothing, focused on my hands in terror and confusion. "You know," he beins, leaning to whisper in my ear. "When a man compliments a girl, she's supposed to say 'thank you'.
     I turn slightly so he can hear me whisper, "Thank you."
     A moan escapes his mouth as he rocks his body and my body back and forth together. Uncle told me to enjoy it and to feel things in my private area, and I do. If I don't, I get a slap.
     "Are you ready for your present?" he asks, stopping, and leading me through the house. I nod. He takes me to his bedroom and lays me on the big bed. I watch as he unbuckles his pants, his thing in plain sight.
     "Uncle?" I question him, but I'm shushed.
     "You're a big girl now. You need to become a woman like your mother."  His beard touches my face as he kisses my neck. He pulls off my clothes and kisses more up and down my body. He holds my hands with ease, using one of his hands. His other covers my mouth. "This will hurt, bumblebee, so I can't have you screaming. It will feel better after a while."
     I say nothing almost in tears. What is happening? My eyes grow wide in shock from him pushing inside me, tearing my privates. I cry and scream beneath his hand, trying to tell him it hurts. I look up and see him with his eyes closed, mouth open and moaning.
     I don't want this. I don't want to be a woman. I want my mommy! I try kicking him away but he doesn't budge. He goes faster, hurting me more, and finally pulls out, stuff pouring onto my tummy from his thing.
     He releases his grip and I lay there, unable to move. He tells me I was a good girl and to take a shower, but I just lay there, motionless on the bed.



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