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A/N: This is a different style and I normally wouldn't write such depressing stories, but this means a lot to me and would like to share it. Thanks!
"Sammy," my mom says, not once looking up from my packed lunch. "Mommy's working late tonight and can't pick you up from school. So I'm going to have Uncle Jay do it and you will stay the night at his house for the weekend."
     I panic suddenly. "What if I go with you to work?"
     She finishes my lunch and hands it to me frantically. "Honey, I wish you could but I'll be very busy. Plus, Uncle Jay says he has a big surprize for you!"
     "A surprize?" I announce, curious. "What is it?"
     She looks down at me. "I don't know. He wouldn't tell me either." She grabs my hand gently. "Let's go or you'll be late for school!"
     I obey. We walk out to my mom's red van and hop in, turning on the radio. We blast the music up and sing to all sorts of songs until I reach my fourth grade elementary school.
     I love school, especially my friends. I have three best friends. There's Tommy, Hannah and Kayleigh. We call Kayleigh, Leah, for short. Sometimes mom will let me go to their house to play games and watch movies.
     I've only been to Leah's house because Tommy is a boy. And Hannah's mom is not around enough to let me stay.
     I ask my mom if I can stay at Leah's on Saturday so I'm not at Uncles all weekend. She tells me yes, but to have Leah's mom call when I get there.
     I quickly kiss my mom on her cheek and rush out of the van to be greeted with my best friends. I wave goodbye to my mom as she head off to work.
     "I like your dress, Sam," Tommy says. I look down to see I have my purple flowered dress on.
     I smile. "Thank you, it's my favorite one." He smiles back. "Let's go before we get a tardy!" We all head to Mrs. Foreman's class to learn English, but I can't help but wonder what Uncles surprize is for me.


I'm managing to not cry whilst writing this so I'm hoping the next chapter will come out soon. Thank you!


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