Chapter Eleven

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Hey guys, sorry it's taken me so long to update but the weather was amazing last week so I just had to go out skiing everyday to make the most of it!
Anyway I hope you enjoy this next chapter...

Jaxs POV

I wasn't going to lie I was nervous... probably for the first time in my life.

I was carrying my mate upstairs before turning into my room and placing her on my bed. How was she going to react to sleeping in the same room as me? I could tell she had trust issues with people and I didn't want to make her uncomfortable by forcing her into a situation she wasn't ready for but I don't think I could sleep in a different room to her, my wolf would go mental.

I stared at her, trying to gauge her reaction but when I didn't really get anything back from her I sighed in frustration and turned to get some clean clothes from my wardrobe. I'd have to take her shopping tomorrow for some proper clothes that actually fitted. I hadn't realised the time when I sent someone out to get them yesterday evening and all the stores were shut. I'm not going to lie, I rather enjoyed seeing her in my clothes.

I cleared my throat and ran my hand along the back of my neck, not sure how to approach the subject of sleeping arrangements.

"Your going to sleep in here tonight with me if that's okay with you?" I tried to say it as if it was a demand but it came out more like a question. What was wrong with me, I was the Alpha but I was acting more like a love sick pup.

I looked into Annabelle's eyes to see uncertainty in them and my heart sank a little at the thought of her not trusting me. "I'll sleep on the couch over there so your a little more comfortable but I am not sleeping in a different room, my wolf won't take it Annabelle". I stated, hoping I sounded more firm this time.

She just nodded her head for a second before looking at the clothes in her hands then back up at me, silently asking me to leave with her eyes.

"Alright, alright I'll leave you to it and go take a shower...I'll be in there if you need me" I said before turning round and headed into the bathroom. It took all my self control not to turn around as I heard the rustle of fabric but I managed as I got to the bathroom and shut the door quickly before my wolf won out on what he wanted and I turned around.

I sighed and leant my head on the door, she was driving me crazy and she wasn't even doing anything. I shuddered to think of what she is capable of once she gains some confidence and has contact with her wolf. I quietly growled at the fact that someone has forcibly shut her away from her wolf and I went to turn the water on, whoever did that to her should be immediately executed in front of everyone, no one hurts my mate.

'Alpha are you available for a meeting?' Xavier asked, stopping my vengeful thoughts.

'Give me ten minutes, I just want to make sure Annabelle is asleep before you come round.' The last thing I need is for her to see him and scare her. After all he is the one that was demanding her to shift back when she didn't even know what was going on.

'Yes Alpha' was his only response before we cut the conversation.

I sighed and quickly finished my shower before dressing and heading back into my bedroom. What I saw when I came out made me angry and my heart break all at the same time. There on the sofa was Annabelle, in her new clothes and cuddled up in the corner without a blanket on her. What did she think she was playing at, there was no question that she was getting the bed tonight so why did she go for the sofa? I sighed before walking over to her and taking her petit frame in my arms and brought her over to the bed. She snuggled in as I brought the duvet up to her chin and I couldn't help but brush her hair back and kiss her forehead. She was so beautiful.

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