~*Chapter 18*~

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3rd Person

As the vans exploded, more people than you would think were watching. Max, Adam, Shelby, Ross, Aaron, Lucinda, Travis, Zane, and Nana watched from where they were using magic. Max watched his sister embrace Andy, go forehead to forehead, and a whisper filled the room.

Meanwhile, Jess and all the girls were sitting at the edge of the forest, watching the vans explode. But Kitty had done the same thing as Lucinda had, and they sat watching. A whisper traveled through them, tears pouring down their faces. Kitty stared at her best friend, despair in her heart. Jess looked at Kitty, and suddenly understood who this girl was. Jess opened her mouth to ask a question she never asked the girl. She'd known who the girl was, and was ashamed she hadn't realized sooner.

"Is that why Gene called me Kitty in my Freshman year?"

Kitty nodded, and opened her mouth. "We knew who you were. We weren't going to tell anybody, but we were poor on money, and Gene decided to take his anger out on you. He'd come home, upset that he bullied people, when he just wanted to get money to feed me. But he didn't hate you, so he called you my name, since he loved you like a friend. Gene still regrets bullying you to this day."

"How were you captured?"

"I met Gem when we were eleven, and she was soon to discover that a River Army member was bullying me. She couldn't handle it. So, a while after her thirteenth birthday, we ran. Soon captured by Raven Bones for our powers, just so she could watch people in despair. She threatened Gem, if she didn't tell her where the other River Army leaders were, she'd kill me. So she had no choice. Andy was threatened, she'd kill Gem. So they came, just to see her alive. Andy was taken, he was wanted, we didn't know why, but soon discovered it was for his leadership. Of course, we were told he died, and Gem fell deep, a former shell of herself. Rosheen and Bella were potioned, not with Forever Potions, but potioned. I soon had black magic fill me too, just like it filled Gem. She lost all hope, all fire, all joy. You came, and I knew there was still hope left in this heart of mine. "

Now, you might be wondering....

What happened in the van?

Andy's POV

Gem embraced me in our bubble as the van exploded.

"There's enough, if I keep this up, for us to be alive, but seriously injured," Gem whispered.

"Please," I begged, my voice cracking.

"I need to," she whispered, crying.

"No, I can save us both."

"If I give it all to you, you'll live, survive."

"Please, no."

"I need to."

"Please Gem Zan, I can help."


She looked me straight in the eyes, fire dancing in her green eyes.

"Please Gem, I can't let you die."

"Too late."

"Please stop."

"I love you, Andy Gold."

She made the bubble stronger, but the bubble was only around me. I banged on it, crying, begging her to come back it, to let me use my magic to break it. A tear rolled down her cheek, and she placed her small hand on the bubble, which I returned.

The explosion reached us.

I watched as I stayed still, the explosion making it impossible to see her.

I fell to my knees as the explosion ended.

Ashes all around me, a piece of Raven Bones's clothing, confirming she was dead.

I searched for Gem, and eventually found her body. She was in short shorts, a loose white off the shoulder t-shirt, hair loose around her, her feet in pale pink converse hightops.

Her eyes were closed, face expressionless. She had cuts all over her body, and I checked her stomach.

She wasn't breathing.

Pulse on neck.

No pulse.

Placing my head on her chest, I tried to hear her heart beat, but her nothing.


Three seconds passed, still no beat.

Ten seconds.



Jess and Kitty were sitting next to me.


A minute.

Please, have a heartbeat.

After ten minutes, there was still no heartbeat.

It was official.

She was dead.


Okie, so I killed a character based off me! (Well, my photo, anyway.)







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