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i wanna thank you guys and apoligise for bad gramer cause this computer dosent tell me how to speel shit. but thanks for  over 2k reads people and also please request i need ideas and i ofitaly take OC's raquests!!!!!!!!!!!! yep im that desprit. i do smut (sometimes) fluff sister readers and more you tell me what you want and if i can i will do it dont forget to privet messeg me if its posibal for you requests so they dont get lost

also i am just gonna tag Alwa2005 and ImaFreshWolf 

1 faverit food

2 faverit drink

3 toy truck or barby

4 summer or winter

5 faverit app

6 faverit book

7 faverit candy

8 must tag atleast 2 people basides tagger. if not done by the end of the week must post a picktur of your faverit cartoon carecter. (no bad punishments here)

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