I did it again, part 7

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Jacs pov:
I woke up, and checked my phone. 4pm.
Where was Fletch. He was here when I fell asleep. Then i come back to reality.
"I told him I loved him..."I whispered to myself.
A tear threatened to roll down my cheek. I grabbed my phone and texted Fletch.

Texts: to Fletch🖤
J: is your shift over?
F: not till 5, why do you need something? x
J: just a chat.
F: i can come when my shift ends
J: okay Thankyou x
F: don't worry x

I placed my phone down and sighed.
"What have I done." I whispered to myself. I rocked myself, clasping my hands around my knees. A tear rolled down my cheek. Why did I do this, I thought.
Time ticked by, feeling like it was going on forever.
Finally, it got to 4:57pm.
"I promise you, Jac Naylor, it's all gonna make sense again."I whispered to myself.
At 4:58, Fletch walked in, not knocking.
I jumped. Fletch smiled.
"Sorry, have you been waiting for me?"he asked, smiling.
"You scared me." I said, catching my breath.
"Sorry." He said, chuckling,"so what's wrong?"
"How long have you got?"I asked.
"My mums got the kids so a while."He said, sitting on the uncomfortable chair next to my bed.
I shuffled up.
"Sit here." I said, smiling a little. Was it the nerves, or the uncontrollable sense of wanting him near me.
He layed next to me, wrapping an arm round my shoulder.
"You stink." I laughed.
"Sorry." He said, going to move his arms.
"No keep it there." I protested. He kept his arm there.
"I need to talk to you."I said.
"About?" Fletch said. I felt him tense.
"About what I said..."I said bravely.
"Oh."Fletch said quietly.
"Oh?"I questioned.
"Did you mean it?"He said, not looking me in the eye.
"Yeah."I said, barely whispering.
I saw Fletchs eyes fix on me.
"You meant it?" He repeated.
"Yes."I said, my face going bright pink.
"I love you too.." He whispered, looking her in the eye.
"You mean it?" I said mockingly.
"Yes."he smiled.
I nuzzled my head into the crook of his neck and smiled.
I felt loved, warm and safe.
"I'm ready for physio tomorrow." I grinned.
"Good, cos I've got you for it." He said, surprising me.
I smiled.
This couldn't be more perfect.

Sorry for short on, Holby is on tonight and I NEED TO WATCH IT!! I break up for Easter on Thursday and I promise from then updates will be longer. Enjoy this little update, providing all the FLAC FEEEEELLLLLSSSSS

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