30 Day Letter Challenge

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When I was 7, someone told me that Elvis had three nipples. I believed them. 

I'm wearing Calvin & Hobbes boxers. They're quite scratchy, thanks for asking.

I wanted to categorize this under "spiritual" and confuse the ever-loving poop out of people.

Toe socks are uncomfortable.

I want to see a Croc tan.

I would sell my soul for Nutella.

I ship us.

I hate being in a public bathroom where people can hear me pee. 

Can we. Like. Hug? Or some shit?



This was all completely irrelephant. Savor this 30-day-letter-challenge-that-will-probably-take-more-than-30-days-since-I'm-a-lazy-ass-mofo. 

It's a national treasure.


The letters will be out of order c;

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