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Enter Text Here Chpt.2

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She was in my head, laughing and humming.

And i still didn't know who she was. All I could think about was her. The boys were starting to worry about me, but I didn't tell them. They would just laugh in my face. 

 Even though I hadn't met her, (Yet-anyways), Everyday, I tried to picture her. I pictured her with light brown hair - almost blonde. She had blue or grey or brown eyes. She had the most beautiful and the most intoxicating laugh. I named her Ella. She was just perfect, and I was beginning to become scared for myself, thinking of how obsessed i was getting over this girl, who was probably just my imagination. But I didn't care. I would find her, no matter what.

It was about 5:30p.m, and I was curled up on the hotel bed in a fetal position, just thinking of her. Liam burst in. "Niall come on we need to get to the gig!" He exclaimed. His face was one of excitement, but quickly turned to concern and curiosity when he saw me. "Niall, are you alright? are you sick? Do you want to stay here and not come?" Liam asked a bunch of questions looking at me concerned. 

"Um.. Actually, I'm feeling rather sick actually, I think i'll stay." I bold faced in front of Liams face and he bought it. "Alright, i'll let management know, you get better." He patted my hair and got up out of my hotel room and left me there, drifting into my thoughts about the most perfect girl in the world.



Second chapter! Hope you guys like it and the third one will be up soon!

xxxx Shanice <3

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