Ten: Trapped

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Chapter Ten: Trapped


God forgive those who hurt me but grant them peace as they do not know what has came over them.

Grant us peace and deliver us from every evil sin.

Surely, Goodness and mercy shall follow us, in all the days of ours life, And we shall live in the house of the lord, Forever and ever.


That was the prayer my mother had taught my brothers and sister . We practiced our religion almost everyday but Carl had became an agnostic which my mother was not very fond of but we keep practising it.

I am a strong believer of my faith and i believed our lord Christ will banish my demonic dreams away.

There was no way all of this was real.

I was just experiencing a surreal dream which feels realistic.

As soon as i wake up i will be home.

As i struggled to open my eyes it hurts. It felt like a ton of weight had been dropped on them.

I was so exhausted it was hard for me to move.

Gradually I started to open my heavy eyelids. I opened them but my vision was blurry and I couldn't see anything.

How long was I asleep ?

My eyesight started to regain as I blinked a few times. My eyes wandered around the room.

This was not my house.

I was ontop of a King sized bed and the walls was made out of wood entirely. Like those cabins you see on tv.

To my right there was a door that led to a bathroom and beside the door was a double wardrobe. On the left was a wide window but the cream curtains were closed.

It was still quite early.

Maybe I stayed over at a friend?

Florence and Alice aren't my only friends .

As I sat up I groaned. I felt muscular pain everywhere. I stood up and walked towards the door infront of me.

I needed to get out of here.

As O jiggled the door handle it wouldn't budge. I tried and tried but it still wouldn't budge.

I sighed out of anger and walked towards the bed.

I glanced at my clothes.

These aren't my clothes.

I was wearing black long sleeved night gown that went down to my ankles and some thin white socks.

Where were all my clothes ?

I heard a snap coming from the door, I turned my head to see nothing but a tray.

I looked at it confused , before walking up to it. There was a mug of coffee with whipped cream and some brown bread with cheese and ham filling.

There was a note attached to it.

I slowly picked it up and the tray, placing it down on the bed. I sat down and opened up the folded note. There was a messy hand writing and I couldn't seem to read it quite well.

Good morning,

Please eat up as I know you are awake. You may be confused and that's okay. All will be revealed.

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