Chapter Twenty-Four: Disturbing Distractions

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He told us all to exit slowly and carefully and I smiled envisioning myself pushing Wade off the bus and him landing on his face. 

Collins saw my smile and for a moment I thought he was going to return it but his expression changed and his shoulders tensed while he turned away from me to get off the bus. 

I looked down and tried to control my emotions as Wade took hold of my hand and pulled me from my seat before we were the last off the bus. We stood next to Collins who tried his best not to look over at us but failed repeatedly. 

When he did it the third time, I gave him a sympathetic smile and I wished he could read my mind, then quickly changed that thought. I didn't need him reading my mind. I didn't need...him. 

Instead of letting my gaze rest on him, I looked everywhere but at him and hoped he'd do the same. There were far too many people watching me today and I couldn't deal with the us issue right now. But there wasn't an issue. We weren't even an item. Never were. Nor were we exclusive. 

Wade's grip on my hand tightened as he pulled me along to follow the rest of the class inside the building and I tried to keep up in my shoes. 

The boots I'd decided to wear were a bit unconventional but they were cute. Wade wanted me to dress more girlfriend appropriate and that's what I gave him but kept my punk flare. I'd even had time last night to dye my hair and was really loving the blueish green tent it held now. 

My boots were loud in the quiet building and attracted the attention of everyone as we walked which I think Wade loved. 

It had never occurred to me that men could be attention whores but hey, Wade was definitely one to push boundaries. Marcie wasn't even on the trip so I doubted he was clinging to me because of her. 

"Do you have to be so close?" I asked after removing his hand from my waist for the fourth time only to have him place it back instantaneously. 

He pursed his lips and feigned thinking about it for a moment. "Probably not...does it turn you on?"

"Ew." I laughed snatching his hand off my hip and walking away. "Definitely not."

We were supposed to be paying attention to different types of antique vehicles but I couldn't keep my gaze off Collins or the way our gym teacher, hell I didn't even know her name, would touch his arm gently.

"She wants the D," Wade commented causing me to laugh a bit. 

"Shut up." I shook my head and locked eyes with Kitty who seemed to be holding her breath. 

" two are still fighting?" He asked as I began lagging behind again. 

I shrugged. "She'll get over it. Once she realizes why I'm doing it."

"And why are you doing it?" He smiled a bit mischievously. "Because you love me?"

"Oh, god no." I couldn't help but laugh loudly, gaining Collins attention. He eyed me but didn't say anything as he gave his attention back to the cars. 

"It's because I enjoy your company, Wade."

He rolled his eyes at my obvious sarcasm and took hold of my hand. 

I arched a brow at him and he only shrugged. "It's this or attached by the hip."

I pursed my lips slightly and brushed his comment off. Honestly holding hands with him wouldn't kill me and it wasn't so bad. While his hand was a bit clammy, probably from his nervousness though I couldn't understand why he would be, it was almost comforting. It was something I had never done with a guy before to show affection and it was...a little nice. Yes, I was wishing it was with someone else but Wade didn't need to know that. 

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