Chapter Twenty-Four: Disturbing Distractions

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I hated Wade. 

Like in all seriousness, hated him for leaving me to sit alone on this freaking bus full of loud, freakish people. I wasn't sure why none of the teachers commented on the noise control or even on the fact that Wade was sitting in seat but had a girl sitting in his lap who would occasionally look my way as if rubbing it into my face.

However, new flash, I didn't give a crap. It wasn't as if we were actually dating and if we were I wouldn't be letting that get to me. Not like the fact Collins was a little too damn cozy with little Miss Gym Teacher over there.

I tried my best to keep my gaze from them but I wasn't doing a great job, which was what probably made Wade leave in the first place. But more power to him. The both of them. Screw them.

It wasn't as if I cared. I didn't. Kitty was the only thing that mattered right now and at the moment we were still at odds. However, it wasn't too difficult to get her to take the money she needed for the trip. That was far too easy to do but getting her to talk to me? About anything? Like pulling freaking teeth from a Sabortooth. 

The ride to the mall wasn't long it only felt like forever with all the singing. A group of girls, possibly Britney, had had the brilliant idea to begin singing one of the popular boy band songs.

For the entire trip. The. Entire. Trip.

I wanted to claw at my ears.

Every once in a while, Collins would risk a look my way and give me a meek smile as he could read my thoughts and tell it wasn't long before I snapped and murdered the source of the "Baby, baby, baby's".

I knew my expression was probably pained, though I tried to keep my face neutral. For a while, the ride was spent looking out for Kitty but when I realized nothing would happen to her on a crowded bus I tried to keep my gaze off Collins and his laughing with that stupid gym teacher.

Okay, that wasn't fair. I was positive she wasn't stupid. It just made me feel better to call her names and I wasn't so immature that I was afraid to admit it. I was a little jealous he could speak with her freely unlike with me. She was about his age and it didn't seem out the ordinary for him to enjoy spending time with her. That didn't mean I had to like it though. 

Wade, possibly sensing my distraction, slid into the seat next to me again and placed his hand on top of mine. 

"You okay?" 

I stared at him a moment unable to tell if he was asking to piss Collins off or if he truly cared. 

He smiled as a bit of reassurance but I still couldn't tell if he was serious or not so I just shrugged. 

"Why wouldn't I be?" I mumbled. 

He looked over towards the direction Kitty was sitting and his grip tightened on my hand making me look at him again. "Kitty okay? 

"What do you think?" I snapped. "She's pissed at me because of you."

"I didn't mean to-"

"No, you did Wade. You did and you have. But that's fine. Everything's fine."

I looked away from him when he raised a brow at my snide tone. 

"Who are you trying to convince?"

I sneered out the window but didn't say anything. I wasn't trying to convince anyone. Everything was fine and soon the steam would blow over and Kitty would forgive me. This definitely wasn't the end of the world. 

We finally arrived at the museum and Wade groaned audibly. 

"I thought this was a joke," he whined and a few students laughed. 
Collins stood along with the other three teachers when the bus stopped in front of the large building. 

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