Chapter Twenty-Two: Two Lies and A Half Truth

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I couldn't be any happier that it was the weekend and I actually had the Sunday off. It felt like the week would never end and Wade's smart ass comments were definitely not helping anything.

And neither was Kitty's pouting, so I took her out despite her whining about her not wanting to go to the mall.

I wanted to get her another outfit or two to wear to school since Britney noted she was wearing the same outfit within two weeks and that certainly wouldn't do.

Besides she needed another outfit for the trip to .....(city)for the play that wasn't too...teenagery.

I'd already figured out what I was going to wear and how I was going to style my hair, it just depended on if I was going to have time to dye it the day before.

I had also requested the night off since the trip was an all day thing and we weren't expected back until possibly two in the morning. We were lucky it was going to be a Friday night and wouldn't have to get up early in the morning for class.

"This one?" Kitty asked, holding up a shirt that would barely cover her stomach or bra straps.

I shook my head at the barely there fabric and pointed out a rack of knee length dresses in the corner that were more her style.

She rolled her eyes at my refusal but complied all the same. She wasn't the one playing the whore. That was my job and if I could prevent her from dressing like she belonged in the place I worked then I would save her a lot of trouble with boys.

"I thought the shirt was sexy," a far too familiar and annoying voice stated from behind me.

I turned with a scowl on my face and in my tone not wanting to deal with Wades shenanigans today.

"Are you following me now, Wade?"

"Something like that." He shrugged his slender shoulders and smiled devilishly and I couldn't help but think how adorable his dimples were. No, that thought definitely wasn't coming from me.

I looked around myself and saw Kitty scoping us out from behind a rack of jeans.

"Don't you annoy me enough at school?" I asked bringing my attention back to him. "Now you have to annoy me at the mall, too?"

"Hey the mall is neutral territory." He joked. "Like Iceland."

I shook my head and arched an eyebrow at him. "You mean Switzerland?"

He thought about it for a moment and I knew he was just trying to drag this moment out. "Yeah, I guess, whatever. So...what are you and Kathelene doing here? Shopping for something sexy or..."

"Go away, Wade." I rolled my eyes and began to walk away.

"Because I think you'd be better suited for the lingerie department." His comment made me stop and I turned to stare at him curiously. "Or you know, an adult store since you're into that sort of thing."

The handsome grin he wore before was now replaced with a wicked smile. "You know who else I hear likes adult things? Collins. You know? Our history teacher?"

My eyes widened a bit and I had to force myself to remain calm as I walked towards him and his precise rambling.

"I was over in the neighborhood of .....and I saw Collins going into a strip club"

"Wade..." I began only to be interrupted

"And do you know who I saw coming out of that strip club later-oh hey Kitty-a girl that looked exactly like you."

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