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After bath

Mary's pov

I looked at Ethan's arms and saw all his scars .I played with his arm tracing them making different shapes admiring his beauty cause even though he's not perfect he's special to me .  I hear sniffles coming from behind me . I turn see him in tears .

"I hate them . I wish I never did it . I wish I was as strong minded as you ." He sobbed covering his face not wanting me to see him cry .

"I don't want to cry but I break that way ." He said .

I pulled his hand down uncovering his face  . His perfectly sculpted face was covered in tears . Poor baby . I wiped them away .

"Ethan relax don't be so hard on yourself they'll go away just promise me you're going to stop doing it . These are just temporary." I started rubbing his thigh comforting him .

"I'm trying to stay out of trouble but it follows me ." He said .

I look at him and give him a kiss I try to pull away but he wouldn't let my lips go .

"Keep kissing me baby make the bad thoughts go away ." He said as he proceeded to kiss me .

He kept kissing me not wanting to let go every time I would pull away.

"Every time I see you keep reminding me of how lonely I am. It's so lonely at my house I barely talk to my parents since they are away on a a trip . I just want you babe . I just want to keep you by my side ." He said looking straight into my dark brown eyes .

"I'm always gonna be by your side if you keep me there ." I said .

"When can you spend time with me ? I miss spending time with you princess ." He said caressing my cheek .

"Whenever you would like baby . You have my number just call me and I'll be right over ."I peck his lips .

"Gosh I never knew I loved your lips this much ." He said making me blush .

"So like I said if you want me to be there for you I'm here only if you want me to be . I will always be here when you need me ."I said .

"Of course you will be there for me that's why I adore you so much ." He hugged me tight .

Some time later

I woke up with cuddled up with him .

"Ethan wake up we have 20 minutes to get to school ." I said softly .

"Princess no stay here with me 5 more minutes." He said in his morning husky voice , holding me tight .

"Ethan we can't I've missed school to much I want to graduate!" I whined .

"I don't have any clothes on though  I'm a nude man ." He said pulling the sheets off of him showing his scar covered body .

"Good thing I'm your girlfriend I got some clothes for you ." I said looking through my clothes.

I pulled out a blue champion hoodie , black Calvin Klein briefs, and black champion sweatpants.

"Why the fuck do you have guy boxers in your wardrobe?" He laughs .

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