(14) Tagalog [Part 2]

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Warning: Read the Part 1 (The previous chapter) and Short

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"W-what?" You stuttered out.

His smirk grew.

"I said, 'Mahal din kita.'" He repeated.

Your mouth was hanging and you felt like it was reaching/touching the ground.

"Y-you understood?" You spoke quietly, barely above a whisper.

He nodded his head and pointed at his chin.

"Close it, will you? You'll catch flies." He teased as stuck his tongue out at you.

You closed your mouth and looked down.

Now that he understood, maybe shame would come after all..

(That awkward moment when Hiro only understood the last part of your confession and assumed that you liked him too.. Nah! Just kidding! XD)

You looked up and decided to go with the flow since you can't do anything anymore now that you've confessed and he, FREAKING, understood..

"What do you even like about me?" You asked, tilting your head to the side.

He shrugged.

"I don't know.. Maybe it's the way that your eyes sparkle when your excited about something or how you smile and it makes the whole world melt OR MAYBE how about the-" His voice got cut of by you.

"Ok! I get it. You like me back.." You muttered.

He was scratching the nape of his neck while having a visible tint of pink on his cheeks.

"Soooo.. How's it going in here?" A voice asked.

You both look at Quesnay as she came visible to the camera and smiled at the both of you.

"Did you tell her 'it'?" Quesnay questioned as she nudged Hiro by the shoulder.

"More like.. Ako ang nagsabi sa kaniya. (More like.. I'm the one who told him.)" You snorted and was followed by a snicker.

"Hmm. So, how exactly did you tell him?" She asked while raising an eyebrow.

You then told her what happened about your confession and finished while scratching your cheek with your finger.

"Aww! That was quite cute don't cha think?" She gushed.

"Well.. Yeah." Hiro replied casually.

"EEEEE! MY SHIP IS FINALLY SAILING!!" She squealed while jumping up and down.

She paused and grinned.

"Sooooooo? When's the wedding!?"

Remind her that you're only 14 year olds..


This sucked so bad..

Welp.. Here ya go PichiKittz!

Hope you like it!

Luv you! 💞😘

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March 27, 2018

Hope you enjoyed this part 2! :D

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