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I didn't realize that it was the end of the year and the end of our quest, I was happy but that didn't mean that there weren't things to be sorry about. I felt my heart thump rapidly as I stared at Hermione's unconscious form like I said we could only save some not all. She wasn't dead but she wasn't alive either. A coma. Such a muggle and Mortal thing and yet no one could do anything. 

I sighed and pulled my eyes away from her blank form, Nico sat in a wheelchair next to the bed. His left leg was badly burnt and even the best burn salve couldn't save it overnight, I looked at my hands, the bandages covered the wound on my fists. The three of us weren't the only injured ones either, Reyna had to get her right pointer finger removed, Draco had a bad burn on his collarbone, Calypso, Hazel and Annabeth all had burns on their backs, Harry, Ron, Piper and Luna had an array of broken bones and Thalia lost eyesight in her right eye due to a large vine from Threa cutting her face.

But injuries turn to scars and everyone has those, so really, nothing was wrong.

"Will, Nico we need to go," I stopped my daydreaming and turned towards Annabeth who was smiling softly from the doorway. I nodded and shuffled my backpack before pushing Nico out of the room.

"I can do it myself he grumbled clutching his backpack in his lap.

"Sure and I can eat a Titan." He growled at my sarcastic response but I just laughed, I was glad to be going home and even a grumpy Nico wasn't going to stop me from smiling.

We were about to get into the camps van when someone called out to us from the other side of the platform.

"Your Majesties!" We all turned slowly it still took us a minute to realise that we were the weirdo's that were pretending to be royalty.

"Hello, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Luna and Draco. What is the matter?" Percy asked suddenly standing straighter.

"This might seem a bit stupid but will you write to us and stay our friends?" Harry asked shuffling, it was an odd question and too some would be offensive but I could tell where they were coming from. 

"Of course, forever?" Percy answered quickly, the question at the end was sudden and he stuck his hand out awkwardly close to Harry's face but when was Percy anything but a seaweed brain?

"Always." Harry smiled and clasped my friend's hand with a bright smile. I couldn't help but grin, so many bad things happened and were still happening and yet we still got our own little happily ever after.

Now that I have gotten their part of the story over I would just like to say thank you for all of your support and I hope you enjoyed this story!!! I hope you all have a good Day/night for one last time, butterbeer, blue cookies and goodbye.