Weird and Weirder - What you need to know

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Yes, your eyes are not mistaken. After YEARS of waiting, here it is. Weird and Weirder. Josh and Daphnee's story.

I've been trying to make it so that if you haven't read the main story I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know it doesn't matter too much. Of course, if you do read it you'll catch a lot more details.

Mainly, I wanted to take the time to put together everything you can read about the gang here so that if you've missed anything you'll know.

So, here's what you can find about Lexi, Blake and the gang:

-The Adventures of a Pumpkin and a Running Back Boy. (Non-chronological adventures of Blake and Lexi. It's the closest thing to a second book you'll get.) On-going

-The Virgin and the Whore. (Nik's story. He's Tyler's best friend in college and his father is the one that operated on Blake's brain) On-going

-The Spawns. (Jayden, Cole and Lilibeth's story, basically the story of the children of the main characters) On-going

-The Shy Boy and the Girl in the Green Dress. (An alternate universe story where Lexi never dated Alex because he came out sooner) Completed

I have a couple more things to say before I let you on the magical journey that will be Josh and Daph's story. ;P

First off, I'm trying to get my social media hat on lately. I mostly use my instagram. It's what I keep track of the most. I'm lazy with Facebook. My username is kaygiard if you want to follow me there. I'm going to try to start doing live videos so keep your eyes open for that. 

I'll put a cast for Weird and Weirder and I know Josh used to be Xavier Dolan a whiiiiile back, but he mostly fitted with my idea of Josh in a couple of pictures. He's a liiiittle too boyish cute. And wanted something a tiny bit more rugged. So, our new Josh is Julian Schratter, that pretty boy that greeted you up there. And the amazing thing is that there are pictures of Sean O'Pry (my cast for Blake) out there, so that's freaking amazing! XD And there was never an actual name for the model I had picked as Daph, so now our Daph is Teresa Palmer. :D

Also, some of you will have certainly read the first two chapters that I will post of Weird and Weirder. And I'm trying to follow a rhythm here of one chapter a week (which I will most definitely fail, I knooooow XD) so technically you won't be getting anything new right away, unless you haven't read that Wattpad Block Party post of mine. :)

So sorry in advance for that. :S

Alright, I think that's it for now. I'll try to keep you guys up to date with my author's note to what's going on with my writing.

In the meantime.... HAPPY READING! :D

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