Chapter forty-four

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I was in the forest, flames tugged at my clothes and the ground seemed to move beneath me. This had never happened before, was it all a dream? Is this a dream? I looked around and saw Frank holding my legs, I don't know if it was the exhaustion of being under They's control or all of the smoke in my lungs but I felt really tired. No, I was not going down like this, get up and ask Frank what was going on and help like you did in the last war. I screamed in my mind but the word wouldn't make themselves known outside of the silent corners of my mind.

Get up.

go to sleep.

I want to help.

You want to rest.

stay awake.

get some rest.

stay awake.

stay awake. awake.

I opened my mouth and kicked my legs.

"Frank!" I yelled it was all or nothing and I was either going to be silent and unconscious or loud and awake. We stopped.

"Will," Frank turned around, his head was bleeding and tears dug their way through the soot on his cheeks but he sounded over the moon. 

"Yeah, I'm fine. Now, what's happening?" He looked lost.

"We tried to stop They and got caught and then Hermione stole all of the fake boxes, You know what I tell you later but right now we need to fight. Got it?" I nodded, it was like a family reunion, just smile, nod and kill a ghost. 

We crawled through the smoke and tried to hold in as much air as we could. I looked over and saw a huddled Nico unconscious on the ground while Percy and Annabeth frantically tried to save him. I would have helped if I hadn't seen a laughing They standing behind them. We had a deal and he broke it.

"How dear you," I growled struggling to stand as Frank looked at me like I was crazy. It was insane but I couldn't stop myself, all I saw was red. 

"I somehow have a plan, Everyone's here right?" I asked in Greek knowing that They couldn't understand it. 

"Yes, Reyna, Nico, Calypso and Luna are out of the fight though. Percy, Annabeth, Thalia and Draco are helping them." Frank said quickly looking around.

"Hazel confuse him, Leo make a container, Frank and everyone else try to keep the fire at bay. It's about time that the walking dead found it's coffin." Everyone nodded and ran off. The forest suddenly became a hallway. They was on one end and I was on the other Leo sat behind me his hands buzzing.

"Wh-" The ghost before me stumbled slightly. Great job Hazel, he thinks he can't get out.

"Well, I guess it's just you and me. If you want to play games then we can." They said furiously, Suddenly I was little again. 

I was crying in the arms of a stranger as my mum walked away. 

No. No. I pushed it back. 

I was in the hallway on my knees.

I was twelve and my cabin had just lost two of our brothers on a quest our little sister was sobbing in my arms. 

I pushed back. 

I was in the hallway, my hand were over my ears. My head hurt.

I was on a bridge, my brother fell in between the cracks, He wouldn't come back from that battle. 

I pushed back. I was in the hall, my throat hurt and I was screaming, I still pushed back. Shoving 'They' out of my mind. I wasn't going to lose to the dead. 

"Leo." My voice was strained and my head felt like it was being torn in two. He was next to me and handed a large wire box with a lid. 

"You got this," He said smiling and fading from the hall to help battle the flames 'outside.'

"Now, Now it's really just you and me," I stuttered straining to keep They out of my mind while standing on weak knees. He laughed, it was crazy, the kind you heard of a villain in a movie but it was real. This was real and Hogwart, the camp and my family needed me to win. How did Percy do this? I stalked forward, They was a ghost he could only stop me through my mind. Now that he's not in it I only had to reach him before Hazel couldn't hold the hall illusion anymore. 

"You can't win," He spoke behind me and I turned my push weakening a little. This was tug and war and either one of us was going to win or the rope was going to snap. 

"You can't do this Forever," He taunted. Forever, our chant, our promise was being used against me. I yelled rage fueling my veins, my hair glowed and the hallway seemed to shrink. I was getting closer. 

"William?" They looked terrified, I was pushing my mind further. I was winning the tug of war and before I could fully comprehend what I was doing my mind wasn't in my head anymore.

A young boy played with his brother in the woods.

It was a few years later both boys were talking to a girl around the same age as the oldest one.

"Hello, my name is Helga! What's yours?" Where had I heard that before? 

I'm assuming that these are They's memories and I had pushed so hard that I was now in his mind. I didn't want to be here, how do I go back I began to pull away.

He was older and was pulling his tongue out at a red-haired boy while his brother screamed. 

"Dougan, stop it. Don't go over there you'll get hurt. Ignore Godric and come here!" They or Dougan Ignored him and went over to the large beast anyway. I was back in the hallway. They or Dougan was clutching his mind and yelling tears streamed down his cheeks and he looked so much younger than I had thought before. He was alone, his friends had left these woods a long time ago and he just wanted to come back. Didn't Nico say that ghost who wanted to come back were kept in the underground? That didn't matter right now I just needed to stop him.

"Dougan, They are gone. So are you, you still have a chance to see them in the afterlife. be the hero, stop this." he looked at me his eyes wide and afraid.

"I don't want to leave, to be without them." I genuinely felt bad, he was broken and no one had fixed him. His answer had also answered my previous question. He didn't want to live, he just didn't want to be alone. 

'you need to help the Wizards and witches get over the war,'

Chiron wasn't talking about Hogwarts, he was talking about, They, Ron, Umbridge and Hermione. The prophecy talked about us helping them. Not everyone but some. You can't save a million lives but you can change one in a million ways. 

"You won't be, now stop this let go of it, you'll be fine." I held him, he wasn't solid but he wasn't pure air either. He was stuck in between.

"How can I trust you?" He asked quietly.

"Because My friends have been to the underworld, One of them has the god of the underground for a dad. We know how it works. Everything will be fine. Now let go," He breathed slowly against me and the Hallway began to flicker. 

"Alright," I closed my eyes as a silver glow flooded around us and I felt my mind fade away. It was over.