"I Begged Him to Send you Home!"

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"I begged him to send you home!"

"You should've told me."

"I'm not sorry~"


When they go abroad~

(sorry if these are a little boring to read n' shit)

(Pretend they went to another country for a Beyblade tournament, meaning they'll be away for a week)


Aoi Valt

- Will always send "I love you" messages almost every hour.

- Will call you almost every day.

- When interviewed, Valt stares at the camera and waves happily with a smile.


- Whenever he battles the people, he would look straight at the camera and shout, "This is for my wonderful girlfriend, (Name)!"

- He would win every time.

- People fucking love your relationship I cant-

Aoi Tokonatsu

- Will stay up when you call (different time zones).

- "Ah, I'm sorry, Toko. It's really late for you, right?"

- "No...it's all right...!"

- You would do the same when Tokonatsu calls you late at night.

- "Good luck today at your battle!"

- "Thanks. Love you, (Name)."

- You would turn on the TV whenever Tokonatsu says he'll battle.

- Screaming and cheering so loud, your neighbors actually had to come over and shut you up.

- You continued anyways.

Kurenai Shu

- Shu would leave reminders and alarms in your phone because you forget things easily.

- Would call you every now and then to ask how you have been feeling.

- He would call you to say good morning and good night.

- Whenever he wouldn't pick up due to being busy, this would be his voice mail:

- "Hello, sorry I wasn't able to take your call. I'm probably either busy or basically anything a normal human being does. But if you're (Name), then I'm sorry I couldn't take yours. I promise I'll make it up to you with a date."

- It's long but it warms your heart.

Red Eye

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