(13) Tagalog [Part 1]

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You walked towards your room and sat down on your bed, sighing.

School has been a pain in the butt and it was doubling the stress you already had but you had to keep moving forward. (< Reference :D)

Now you had to review your Tagalog lessons (Shhh.. Pretend..) today because of a test tomorrow.

(This is easier for me XD)

You grabbed the sheet of paper and began to read.

"Kumusta, ako si (Y/n) at ako ay 14 anyos. Mayroon akong (h/c) na kulay na buhok at (e/c) ang kulay ng mata ko. (Hello, I am (Y/n) and I'm 14 years old. I have (h/c) color for my hair and (e/c) is the color of my eyes.)"

"Kumusta po kayo? (How are you?)"

"Ikaw ay lalaki. (You are a boy.)"

"Ikaw ay babae. (You are a girl.)"

"Ako ay babae. (I am a girl.)"

"Ako ay lalaki. (I am a boy.)"

"Salamat. (Thank you.)"

"Walang ano man. (Your welcome.)"

"Ang astig. (It's so awesome.)"

"Mahal kita. (I love you.)"

You sighed in frustration. You had more words to know but decided to lie down and take a rest and what I meant was get your phone and scroll down in your social media accounts. (This is me XD)

Suddenly your phone vibrated in your hands and you saw the caller ID.

You hit the green button and smiled at the camera.


"Hi (Y/n)!" Quesnay waved while smiling.

"Sup, Quesnay! Why did you call me?" You replied.

"Oh, nothing! Just checking on my future-sister-in-law!" She teased.

You rolled your eyes.

"Eh, nothing is much going on. Just me and my Tagalog lessons." You huffed.

She raised an eyebrow and grinned. "Oh, Tagalog! I'm still learning about that but you could ask my brother for lessons! If he can understand.." She suggested happily and mumbled the last part.

You raised an eyebrow. "Which brother?" You asked.

She rolled her eyes and gave you a 'really?' look.

"The one you're going to be married in some years in the future!" She replied while smiling cheekily.

You felt your cheeks heat up and you glared at her.

She shrugged and looked at her shoulder when she heard someone's voice.

"Hey, who are you talking to?" An all too familiar voice rang in your ears.

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