Chapter 3 - 06:30 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 3
Date: March 24th, 2018
Time: 18:30pm
Location: Over the Atlantic headed towards LA headquarters.

The turbos of the private jet roared like lions in the air as inside a group of agents sat and discussed their plans. Each having to recite their rolls for the next couple of days till they caught the criminal.

Lucky for them Harry worked his magic. Despite it being a challenging case he was able to breeze over it all like it was nothing.

He did have some issues but most things were easy to work around due to how the system was secured.

They were secured with codes only aimed towards the FBI and CIA and some other main government agencies. The man responsible for the protection of their system must have not known of secret agencies. 'Idiot.'

They were able to find the drug lords traces in the beach community of Huntington in LA.

Styles couldn't access his address quite yet. That was Harry's next tricky assignment. There was no record of Liam's residence in any house in that area of LA. Harry kept his search though. He was able to get them Liam's usual locations in the city.

They at least had an idea of where he must have lived which led them to believe it had to be Huntington. Still their was no record of Liam's residence but there was about 10 unregistered man built houses upon the cliffs. One of them could have belonged to the young drug lord.

The team spoke of Liam's patterns and his daily routines.

Zayn was chosen to take main role and bump into the drug lord at one of his locations and he was to create a friendship with him. That way they could get all the information they needed and lead the man right into their trap.

For this mission Zayn had his hair dip dyed green and cut a bit. He was forced to grow his beard out and he was given a new style. The LA style they called it. Zayn liked it. He had the whole bad boy Hollywood look.

His fake name was Rodger Malek. He had his address changed on his fake ID along with his birthdate. He was now 25 years old in the eyes of the public. Boy this would be fun. He loved taking the lead roles. He got to learn more of how a criminal thought which helped in later cases and missions.

Once they arrived in LA they rented out a whole apartment building in Beverly Hills for them to make as their headquarters. The FBI was just down the street from them in case they needed any help.

Zayn got his own studio apartment. It must had have costed half of what he paid for his rent and car alone. He thought of just dragging on the case so he could stay there.

His apartment was huge and fully furnished. Everything important of his was there as well although it was all under the name of his role. Rodger.

All the other rooms was where all the other agents stayed. Half of them flipped the apartments upside down and made them into their own little offices.

When they finally got settled in Zayn took it all in. This may had been a dangerous assignment but fuck he was in paradise.

By 24:40am March 25th, 2018 Zayn decided to take his heat pills and go right to bed.

Tomorrow was his day. The day he'd be face to face with the worlds most deadliest (and incredibly handsome) rich man. His stomach filled with butterflies. Also this was his first major case. He thought positively but he still was anxious.

Not anxious of what the criminal would be like, he was anxious to see how truly hot he was in person and how he'd react in the presence of the man. He always became shy when it came to big attractive alphas. God he could just imagine his intoxicating scent and-'Zayn he's a criminal! He's killed and raped and kidnapped many. He's a bad man!'

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