2: Bubble Tea

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"Ayo! GG!"

You were sleeping when suddenly Yuri's phone rings. "Oops! Sorry.. Sorry.." she said. It was a text message from her Mom, Aunt Chae-young.

After she reads the message, she returns it on her bag and laughed. Curiously, you asked her. "Why are you laughing?"

Yuri answered. "Umma wants me to buy her a bubble tea. She's craving on it for 3 days. Do you want too?"

You nodded as your reply on her. Then you placed your cat Ppoppo inside his cage so that he can sleep well.

"I hope Hanni and Ppoppo will be friends. Hanni loves to play with Prince." she said.

"Who is Prince? Is it a cat also?" you asked her.

"Nope. It's Tiffany's dog. She also love dogs and she spoil him so much." she exclaimed.

"Don't worry, Ppoppo is a well behaved cat. And there'll be no cat and dog fight between Hanni and him." you said assuring her that there is nothing to worry.

"Joongie, go back to sleep, you need it. You travelled so far so you better catch up some sleep."

"Thanks Unnie.. but I'm alright." and you gently patted her shoulder.

"Are you sure?" she asked you again.

You only nodded as your answer.

"Okay, let's go to Apgeujong to buy bubble tea for Mom!" Yuri said.


"Yah! Yah! Lay hyung! You ride here with me!!" Sehun whinned.

"Okay.." he said as Sehun pulls him to get inside Minho's car. Lay can't do anything reject him. Sehun always use his aegyo on his hyungs so that no one can resist him.

"Are you sure that you know how to drive?" DO talking to Chanyeol.

"Hey, of course! I have my drivers licenced already!" he pulled it out on his wallet to prove it.

"Let's hurry guys. I'm so hungry!" Xiumin exclaimed rubbing his hands on his stomach.

"This Baozi really can't stop eating. Minseok-hyung (Xiumin's real name), look at your face, it's getting bigger! Haha!" Chen blurted. Trolling again his hyung.

Baekhyun go near him to slap Chen's shoulder. "Hey, Jongdae! (Chen's real name) stop that. You keep on teasing on Xiumin hyung's cheeks but how about yours? Your cheeks are just the same to the Dinosaurs."

Everybody burst into laughter except for Chen when Baekhyun says the word "Dinosaur".

"Yah! Why are you like that!" Chen's face now turns red.

"Enough, Guys! Let's go I'll treat you with bubble tea also." Suho said. With his words, the boys quickly gets inside their cars.

Baekhyun and Chen are with Chanyeol. While Kai, Kris and Tao are with Xiumin. DO is with Suho while Lay, Luhan and Sehun are in Minho.


"So what flavor do you like?" Yuri asked you.

"I want taro and choco Unnie.. " you answered while doing aegyo on her.

"Stop that aegyo, you don't need to do that." she smiled and went out of the car.

All of a sudden, Yuri's phone rings again. It's Aunt Chae-young calling. You gently swiped your finger on the screen to answer it. "Hello? Aunt Chae-young?"

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