A door swung open and Cynthia came out of her room running out of breath and flushed surprising Martha, Lilly and I.

"Lady Cynthia you look um..." Martha tried to find the word.

"Are you alright?" Miss Lilly worried.

"Yes of course," Cynthia moved around in her clothes "I am simply feeling constrained in this tight corset."

"Come we can help you loosen it while Miss Lilly shows us her dress," I held Cynthia's hand and we continued to Lilly's room.

Miss Lilly's dress was pure white with lots of ruffles and volume to the sleeves, "you will look beautiful as a bride Miss Lilly," Cynthia sighed.

"I do hope with all my heart he thinks it too," Miss Lilly touched the fabric in a constant daydream like gaze.

"What jewels will you wear with it Miss Lilly?" Martha asked.

"Come let me show you what my groom has ordered for me."

Miss Lilly soon opened two boxes with a set of diamond and pearl jewels, they were the same ones from the room that belonged to Lydia, though they had been cleaned and polished to look brand new. Seeing the plain happiness of Miss Lilly and Joseph made it obvious my world was like a cloudy day; not exactly as it seemed and if the clouds were to move away oh what a dreadful sight I would be.

Dinner was about to be served when the rest of the men walked in and so did the entire family of Mr. Henry Walker for Miss Lilly's wedding.

"Finally there you are brother," Miss Lilly said about her brother who would escort her into dinner.

"Yes I am here, we were only out paying a visit to the neighbors west of here," Mr. Henry explained to his sister their family's whereabouts.

"Social calls, of course where else," Miss Lilly then glanced over at me curiously observing her brother's arm and called on me, "Lady Alice come, my mother and father will wish to see you."

"Yes," Mr. Henry said and I walked over being pulled into their family's lap, "good evening Lady Alice," he said politely.

"Good evening Mr. Henry."

"I shall go call my father and mother, excuse me" he said and Miss Lilly and I waited together for their short walk over to where I was.

"Father remember our family friend Lady Alice Stewart?" Miss Lilly said to them.

"Of course, how could anyone from our family not know who Lady Alice Stewart is, your brother's arm will be a constant reminder to us all," Sir Walker responded.

"My apologies Sir Walker," I blushed.

"Dinner is being served please make your way to the dining room," Mr. Howard said interrupting whatever would come next.

Although our dinner was delightful, I only had a few bites as to not alarm anyone, then I saw Mr. Howard motioned his head and used his eyes to make it known he had more to say so I plotted a detour from him.

"Ladies, my friend and I feel so tired from our trip we will retire ourselves early tonight," I got up.

"Oh come you two, stay a while longer," Martha protested.

"We promise to stay up until dawn tomorrow to celebrate Miss Lilly and Lord Joseph's union but tonight..." I explained and Cynthia nodded.

"We must go to bed," Cynthia gave them a smile tapping her foot anxious to go to bed.

"Of course ladies but I will hold both of you to the promise of celebrating until it is day," Miss Lilly got up to say goodnight.

"Thank you," Cynthia held my arm "have a goodnight ladies."

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