Chapter LXII

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"My soon to be husband," Martha released the information I'd first be hearing about

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"My soon to be husband," Martha released the information I'd first be hearing about.

"Mr. Walker has mentioned this to Sir Arthur?" I was baffled by the spreading of such news.

"Yes they are friends, he had to tell him the truth about his arm."

"Whose arm's?"

"Good Lord have you lost all your memory? How Mr. Walker lost the movement of one of his arms," Martha could not be right about such news.


"Oh it is fine for me to know, I am your friend, although the fact that Mr. Walker went to visit you and in an attempt to save you from some rabid animal lost one of his healthy arms is truly remarkable. I am not sure I could ever prevail to be so selfless, I like my arms a great deal you see." Martha fixed her gloves and I fell into a pit of shame, guilt and overwhelming gratitude, how would I ever repay him?

"Right he was most brave."

"And completely in love with you, what other eligible bachelor would risk an arm if not for country?"

"I see..."

"Oh I have told you the big news before he's mentioned it to you haven't I?" Martha thought I was in shock of the incoming question of engagement but I was more ill of having cost Mr. Henry his arm in my house due to my mother.

"Yes, indeed you have," I nodded "but everything shall be fine."

"Oh of course, only a minor bump until the vows, you know looking back now I see how you two were in each other confidences last Stanley Hall dinner, you are a bad friend for never mentioning it but I shall forgive you for I am too happy you are finally back with us," Martha cheered.

"Thank you uh and where is our friend? I see Lady Thomas here but..."

"Yes she was here some time ago, what is taking her so long?"

"There she is, my good old friend," Joseph came with Miss Lilly to greet me.

"Lord Joseph, Miss Lilly" I nodded.

"I am so glad you have come," she said for everyone to hear then gave me a hug and whispered, "my soon to be sister."

Miss Lilly grabbed my remaining arm and Martha raised her eyebrows as if to announce everyone knew what was to come and what was expected of Mr. Henry and I.

"Oh Miss Lilly I..." I tried to spell out the words that could fan away the fire of the rumors but I could not.

"You should show us your dress, maybe it will inspire Lady Alice," Martha teased.

"That is a great idea let us go up before dinner starts," Miss Lilly agreed full of cheer and spirit.

"Lead the way," Martha said and we three went up to Miss Lilly's room.

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