Sticky Thighs

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Rule Number Eighteen: Always play it cool when you wake up in the enemies bed. 

A ring of a phone called in the distance, at least it sounded as if it were far away. I began to stir, the ring slowly bringing me to my sad reality.

The sore muscles and nausea hit me like a brick wall once I came too. I would never drink again until the day that I died. I was an idiot who forgot to close my blinds and the sun now beamed on to my eyelids. I dreaded even opening them up.

My mouth was pasty and a dull, sharp ache sat between my legs.

Great my period had started. This was sure to make the day and the feeling of my body even better. Taking my hand between my legs, checking to see if my dress had been ruined, I was met with a stickiness between my inner thighs.

That wasn't period blood.

A sudden fear shot through me causing my eyes to snap open. Bringing my hand up, I examined the white, phlemy substance on my fingers. I had never seen sperm before but my gut told me, that was exactly what it was.

I rolled over slowly, waiting to meet with whoever this belonged to.

There, laying away from me on the bed, his body tangled in the white sheets with nothing on was Harry. My face became numb with shock and I was sure all the blood in my body had pooled at my feet.

I couldn't believe this happened, what was wrong with me. This wasn't my room, I assumed it was Harry's judging by the open door of the closet with his stuff inside.

Immediately, I began having a panic attack. I just lost my virginity to stupid Harry a mere week before my wedding.

I was officially the biggest fuck up in history.

Quickly, as if I had been burnt, I pulled my hiked up dress back down over my legs. My phone rang again and I jumped off the bed to find wherever it had landed in the room.

"Hello" I whispered finding it beside the nightstand on the floor.

"Ana, where are you? We've been at the venue for an hour and you've yet to show up! If you're not here in the next thirty minutes I'm gone, do you hear me?" My mother scolded on the other end and I almost had to take the phone away from my ear in fear that she was going to blow my eardrum.

"I'm on my way, just running behind. Sorry!" I was never late for anything and so I knew my mother would know something was up. I didn't stay on the phone long enough for her to answer for multiple reasons. I didn't want Harry to wake up or for her to pick up on anything in my shaky voice that would state I was freaking out.

Harry still remained asleep on the bed, I didn't bother to look at his naked figure that was barely covered by a thin sheet. The sight would surely make me hurl.

Snatching my shoes off the floor, I hurried through the trendy condo while calling my driver.

Within a thirty minutes time, I arrived at the venue with a throbbing headache. I managed to tie my hair back and change my clothes, disguising the smell of liquor underneath my perfume.

I couldn't bother myself with my mistake at this time. I had the final touches of my wedding to do while hungover.

What Tom didn't know wouldn't kill him and if Harry dared to tell him, I know Tom would think he was a liar.

I rushed into the Plaza, beelining it to the ballroom that my mother and bridesmaids waited in. My presence was noted the second I had walked into the amplified room. Despite my bridesmaids drinking just as much as I had last night, they looked put together. They also clearly arrived on time.

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