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{{I'm too lazy and imma just skip the war,Draco killed Voldemort and There at the hospital wing.}}

Jaden's pov

I sat between the two beds of my brother and boyfriend. Harry hasn't woken in three days,which worried me. Draco hasn't either,until now. He opened his grey eyes and his gaze rested on me,I glanced over and got up,standing by him.

''hi baby..''he grabbed my hand and I greeted him.

''hey..''he replied quietly,his voice raspy. He fought Voldemort,disobeying the deatheater code for me.

''how's Harry?''his eyes slowly flicked over to Harry and back to me.

''he's okay. ''I bit my tounge.

''okay.''draco showed me a slight and weak grin.

''love you.''he whispered.

''I-I love you too.''I stuttered as Draco fell back asleep,I walked over to Harry's bed and held his hand.

''Harry James Potter,I love you. I miss you so much..you were very brave and I'm happy my two boys defeated the dark lord. I'm so proud of you..--imagine how proud mom and dad would be.''i smiled,whispering.

''I love you too,idiot.''Harrys eyes fluttered open and I shot back in suprise,his voice was clear for the most part and him and Draco chuckled.

''yall are soooo rude!''i laughed too.

''I'm glad y'all are okay.''I smiled.

''Us too.''They both winked at eachother and I knew they were up to something. We all got up and left.

~~Month Later~~
Draco's pov

I stayed in Umbridges Room,With Blaise,Pansy,Crabbe,Goyle, (which I totally ignored because they are useless gits,)) and some other Slytherins.

''Lets go look for them. Let's go.''Umbridge dragged us all out and we started peeking around corners,I paused and opened a small window,you could see a few different house students practice spells,Harry,Hermione,and Ron were teaching them. I spotted Jaden even,her patronus,a wolf,coming out of her wand and it scurried around the room,Hermione noticed and everybody gasped as umbridge flicked her wand and a hole blasted through the wall.

''Busted.''Pansy giggled with two other Slytherin girls.

''Boys and Girls,bring everybody to detention with that idiotic Lupin.''Umbridge ordered as she left,we all walked in,people started demanding for everybody to leave and writing everybody's name down who left the room.

''Jaden?''I walked over,hissing.

''What?''Her Patronus disapeared and she snapped around.

''Your in this with Potter,Mudblood,and Weaslelbee?''I snapped.

Jaden's pov

I blinked as my boyfriend called the golden trio nasty words.

''I thought I could learn more for this.''I mumbled,Draco looked like a tomato,his face was flushed in anger.

''Ask Snape!''He growled,Harry,Hermione,and Ron standing a few feet away,watching.

''If your not gonna except that I'm a potter,then I will be one forever. ''I snapped loudly,he turned pale as I turned.

''Wait,--!''He grabbed my hand as I walked.

''Leave me alone.''I threw his hand,tears in both of our eyes,I ran off to my hut.

Harry's pov

Jaden and Draco gazed at eachother with tears in there eyes before Jaden ran off,Draco stayed there,tears streaming down his cheeks as Avry shoved through Pansy and her minions to Draco. They had a group together,Her,Jaden,and Malfoy and Blaise were the death group. Always causing trouble without her,she hung out with us,the golden trio a lot.

''Draco!''Avry smacked him as he ignored her,she grabbed his hand but he jerked in away,he glanced up at her,his face red from crying and avry looked like she lost her puppy. Draco walked off were jaden went,avry turned around and looked at us and we all shrugged.

''don't ask us.''Ron shrugged.

''they don't seem to fight a lot though,they usually love eachother,this is about there forth fight for the almost year they've been dating. Except you two dingdongs have had a trillion fights.''Ron added,pointing at me and Avry and we both gasped,over exaggerating.

''We don't!''Me and Avry said at the same time and grabbed hands,walking off,Hermione and Ron laughing as they held hands and walked off.

My sister loves that git,they better make up or she'll find out my secret.

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