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"Yuri, I will force this food down your throat."

"You won't if you want to keep your fingers."

"Please eat," Otabek sighed, "I'll lose weight if it bothers you that much too."

"No, otabek, no. I was joking. You aren't fat I swear, I'm just not hungry," okay that was a lie, but he shouldn't eat when he just made otabek feel bad about himself.

"Yuri, all you've eaten today was two cookies. At least eat some fruit."

Yuri bit his lip, he could always eat it to make otabek happy and throw it up later. He never done it himself before, but his mother used to make him throw up when he was little if he ate too much. That was before she started restricting his food. Even later when he attended parties and ate a lot she would force him to. "I'm not hungry," he protested weakly instead.

"You don't have to be hungry to eat. Just do it. You won't get fat if that's what you're worried about I swear."

Yuri cursed in his head and piled food onto his plate, "Fine."

"Eat all of it okay?"

"Otabek, this is a lot."


"You're as bad as Yuuri was when I first moved in with them."

"You would at least eat a little then, now you won't eat anything. Is something wrong?"

"No, nothings wrong, look I'm eating," Yuri took a bite of his food and otabek smiled.

Yuri rolled his eyes and ate all of it as he was told. It was too much for his stomach and he already felt sick, "I'll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom. Go ahead and get us some dessert maybe?"

Otabek nodded, "Yeah, sure, of course."

Yuri nodded and walked to the bathroom furthest from the kitchen. He wasn't sure how loud it would be. It certainly wasn't quiet when his mother did it, but that was usually because he would be screaming at her to stop. Pushing the lid up Yuri leaned over and stuck two fingers down his throat like his mother used to. His fingers were barely out his mouth in time for him to throw up. It was loud but not as loud as he remembered. His stomach gave a few more heaves without help and Yuri decided that was enough. Quickly cleaning up, Yuri went back to the kitchen and sat down.

"I got you a cupcake," Otabek smiled when he walked in.

Yuri smiled, "Thanks, you know I have to leave tomorrow right?"

"What? Why?" Otabek asked concerned.

"I'm helping Seth out with some things around the house. I promised him I would and he was really happy so he let me go stay with you."

"Oh okay, I guess I just thought I'd have more time with you."

Yuri rolled his eyes, "I'm not leaving. I'll come back and if Seth agrees you can come visit me too."

"Why wouldn't he agree?"

"He has important people over a lot."


"So he might not want a teenager giggle from across the take at me."

"I do not giggle."

"Oh you totally do."

"Whatever, just ask him for me please?"

"Okay, fine."


Yuri was hiding from Otabek and trying not to laugh. He'd dumped ice down the man's sweatpants and now he was out looking for revenge. Only problem was he'd only dumped a cup down his pants, Otabek, had a mop bucket full of ice. Yuri didn't think he'd ever seen Otabek so mad over something so little. He meant it as a joke, otabek didn't take it that way. It was too quiet for him to be up to any good. Quietly opening the closet door Yuri tiptoed out the room only to be grabbed and have ice thrown into every possible crack of his clothes. He shrieked and got it out as fast as possible before looking up at a grinning Otabek, "Are you pleased with yourself?" Yuri asked raising an eyebrow, "Now we're both cold."

Otabek laughed, "Very pleased."

Yuri sighed, "I guess from now on I'd better have a game plan when I mess with you."

"That would be wise, yes."

Yuri smiled and threw out his arms, "Hug me, I'm cold."

"Uh, I don't think so, I just started thawing out."

"Oh come on it wasn't that bad. I'm getting a hug one way or another," Yuri kept his arms open and started walking towards Otabek. The bigger man, like the stubborn idiot he was, ran. Yuri just laughed and ran after him, "You make everything hard!"

"Well when you're trying to hug me and make me cold again yes!" Otabek laughed.

"But I'm freezing baby! Don't you want d warm me up?"

"No!" Otabek yelled running around the island in the kitchen.

Yuri chased him, "No fair! Your legs are longer than mine!"

"Well I let you catch me yesterday Yuri but you're cold this time!" Otabek laughed.

Yuri stopped and crossed his arms jutting his hip out to the side, "If you do not come hug me right this instant I will never hug you again."

Otabek laughed again and hugged the child like boy, "You aren't cold anymore. That's the only reason I'm hugging you."

"Liar, you knew I would keep that promise."

"Maybe," Otabek admitted.

Yuri sighed, "I don't want to go back tomorrow."

"Does he treat you okay? He hasn't done anything to you right?"

"No. No! Of course not," Yuri pulled away from the hug to look up at Otabek, "He treats me fine I promise. Why do you think something is wrong?"

"I don't, I'm just making sure because you won't always say something. Always come to me if something is wrong, okay?"

Yuri nodded, "Okay."

Okay, short little chapter before mess starts going down and my attempts at foreshadowing come into play 😂. I really am bad at it so if you don't catch it its probably my fault. (although most of you at least know something is off)

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