Blacked Out

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Rule Number seventeen: Don't ever, ever, get blackout drunk. Ever.

tinyminitimmy This chapter is for you, as you have been so loyal to this story and I know you'll love this one!❤️

I downed the last of my champagne in my glass. As I watched as Kelly had the remaining of her makeup done.

The bachelorette party that they had planned for me was so far amazing. Kristen's dad, who owned numerous restaurants across New York catered our supper. Despite the grand display in front of me, I couldn't bring myself to eat.

I was on my third glass of champs on an empty stomach and it was probably because I was seconds away from crawling out of my skin. Harry was a royal pain, and most definitely wrong about most things. However, I hated to say that he was right when he said I should untie my panties.

But it was only in this event and no other time. I was about to be married, and with the reality sinking in about the whole thing- I wasn't getting cold feet, but a clouded mind.

It was a mere week away, my whole life for the past eight months had been strict planning and yet I didn't feel ready at all. I felt as if I hadn't planned anything and had just spent my time with my head in the sand.

It was the same feeling of going to school for a full semester and studying your ass off just to attend the final and have no idea what was going on.

Some wondered what it was going to be like to never kiss or have sex with another person besides their spouse again. They wondered if they were going to miss the single life and the freedom to go for whoever was free.

And although there were no other fish in my sea I couldn't help but allow my mind to venture to the possibility that maybe there were. I had to slap myself and remind my poor little soul that there were no others.

That's why I was doing this in the first place. I couldn't possibly give this all up for a maybe. It would sting to be eighty and alone in a penthouse with your ovaries so dry they were now almonds.

"It's time you've been crowned!" Kristen shouted a bright pink flashing necklace around her neck that stated she was a bridesmaid.

I hesitated and tried to look enthusiastic as she slipped a beaded necklace with little penises on it around my neck.

Soon after my own flashing necklace that said "bride to be" on it came with a sad excuse for a veil on the top of my head.

My mother would be so proud, and as I caught the sight of myself in the mirror in Tom's living room I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck I was doing. This wasn't me.

"Tom's living quarters are super dark and manly, I miss your old condo. Are you going to redecorate?" Allie, my only relative that was in my wedding party asked. She was my cousin and the rumour was she had a boyfriend twice her age.

Tom's apartment was the total opposite of my own. It was decorated in dark woods and leather. I would soon get my mother's interior decorator to come and change it all once we were married. And by that, I meant the very next day.

Since I was now spending my honeymoon by myself. It would give me some time to pick out what I wanted in the penthouse. By the time he came home, he would think it was a totally different home.

"Aren't you excited!" Kristen began again, she was already very deep into drinking. I nervously smiled thinking of what I could say to show how excited I really was.

"I'm super excited, Tom's a great guy!" The last part hit me as if it were a punch to the stomach. He was a great guy, and I was royally fucking it up.

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