Chapter 15

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The Parents of the Past

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Jake's POV:

        "Wake up!" I heard Christina yell loudly from the other side of the hotel room. What does a guy have to do to get a little sleep these days? I checked the alarm clock. "No, it's 5:30. Go to sleep." I whined and she just looked in disapproval. "We are on a spy mission, which means we wake up at 5:30," she stated shaking my bed vigorously "Plus mom and dad are coming soon." That is when I shot up out of bed and instantly sarted getting ready. "That's what I thought." she laughed.

        We decided to stay at three separate hotels that are right next to each other. I was staying in the Marriot with Christina, Chris, and John. Kaitie and Lilly stayed at the Hampton and Mrs. Williams and Josh stayed at the Hilton. Did I mention we are in New York? Well, we are. We drove all night and it took forever but we got here. It is the best place for hiding because there are so many people and only eight of us. "Hurry up. We are supposed to meet everyone at iHop in 20 minutes." Christina informed me as I finished my prostetic makeup. "Do you think mom and dad are even going to recognize us?" I was curious. "They are two of the best spies in the world and you're afraid they aren't going to know who their own kids are?" she said sarcastically as we packed up and headed out the door.

         We checked out of the hotel. "I'll go get the car. Wait here with the stuff." and I ran for the car. What can I say, if I'm traveling this much and being a spy and all, I skip my workout routine. Those abs don't just get there by themselves you know. I found the car which was a silver Porshe. I hopped in and sped down the parking garage  to where I had left Christina except now there were three cars and six more people standing there talking with her. "Oh hell no." I said to myself jumping out of the car to realize, I knew those cars.

       "Hey." Lilly said walking up to me. She looked so different in her disguise. "You know, you look way more beautiful as yourself." she started blushing and hung her hands around my neck. "Well, you look way better in disguise." she teased. "Ouch." I said before I gave her a short peck on the lips. "We gotta go. Can't keep the parents waiting." I said and let her sit in my car. "Nina, you go with Kate." I gave her puppy dog eyes and she went. Nina and Kate is Christina and Kaitie's  code name for now. Just intill we find better ones. We only use them when we are talking in public. I started the car and drove.

          "Are you nervous, you know, about meeting your parents?" that was a good question. "I don't really know. I hate always looking over my shoulder knowing that they're coming. You guys surprised me at the hotel. I swear I almost pulled out my machine gun and shot all of you." she started laughing. "What would you do if I died?" she asked still giggling a little. "To be honest, I would go insane. I would probably go overboard and become like a spy assassin or something. That's what you get with the bad boy." she looked confused. "What?"it was getting a little serious now. I had to lighten ip the mood. "A badass man." then we both laughed hysterically.  "I love you." she giggled. "I love you more." and than we parked at iHop. I leaned over and gave her a kiss. "Alright, lets go meet my parents." we stumbled out of the car and went inside.

         Everyone sat in twos or threes but we didn't all sit together. Obviously I sat with Lilly. I scanned the room several times. Everyone else did the same. I stopped looking for a little as our pancakes came. Twenty minutes went by and no sign of my parents. "Miss, Can I get the che..." as I focused more on the waitress I realized I have been looking past her all along. She got closer and she smiled widely. "Mom?" I whispered. "Here you go...son." she walked away motioning for me to look by the back table where my dad was sitting alone. "They're here. Good, I was starting to think they stood us up." Lilly said and I nodded in agreement. I paid the check at the front desk. One group at a time everyone did the same and my mom 'quit her job.'

       I let Christina sit in the car with me this time and we drove about 20 miles south to the nearest base that we knew for a fact, had not been messed with. It was the biggest, baddest base out there. It was the headquarter.

        As soon as we arrived at the hidden parking garage several agents headed to the cars to check out who we were and why we came. "Agent Christina Waters along with future agent Jake Waters." Christina told the buff men standing at our car door. They scanned us through lots of computerized systems. "Clear." the least muscular guy in the back said after running the information. Each car had cleared and finally we got to the actual base. Base #999. Headquarters may seem like a place everyone should know about but really only people who are highly classified know of it. If you think about it, it really is safer that way.

           "Agent Waters?!?!" everyone froze and turned to look at our parents. "Close your mouth you'll catch flys." my mom stated as she touched the chin of an agent who had his jaw hung wide open but then again everyone did. By now we had all taken off our disguises. "Come here." My mother said as she held her arms open. I moved foward and she hugged me. "It is so good to see and talk to you!" Christina said to them excitedly. "You guys may not have been seeing us but every once in a while we see you." my father said. "Wait how?" probably trailed us or something. "Actu..." he started to say but was cut off. "Ahhh Agents Tina and Harry Waters. Nice to see you again. What brings you out into the open?" he asked confused because they never come out without disguises. "Ask them. They asked for our help but haven't told us why yet." My mother said motioning towards us. "Its a long story. Can we talk somewhere private." Christina said to the general and our parents. "Is my office okay?" General Forson asked. Christina nodded. "Great. Jake you can go talk with your friends or something. I don't think you really want to tag along to hear a story you already lived." Forson said as I questioned why he knew my name, but then I realized my parents are spy famous and he has a level 7 clearing, how coild he not know my name. "Sounds good." I said before turning around to go find everyone.

         I headed to the big hallway with everyone's rooms. Instead of hanging out with friends, as per usual, I figured it would be fun to hang out with Josh for a little bit. "Come on you little brainiac lets go have some fun." he instantly perked up. "Where are we going?" he asked. "You'll see." he got his shoes on and we let his mom know we were leaving. "First we have to get John and Chris cause we can't do anything without more people." I explained and he nodded. I burst right into their dorm. "Lets go!" I yelled and they looked at me like I was crazy. "Get your shoes on and come on. We don't have all night." I pressured. "I have a feeling we are about to do something rebelious and fun at the same time." Chris stated after finishing tieing his shoes. "Well my friend you would be right. Except we are getting permission for the rebelious part." he laughed.

         We all headed downstairs and walked towards the spy mission training course. "Excuse me, Lieutenant Pattin. My friends and I were wondering if we could do some training in the course, if thats okay with you?" I said acting as sincere as possible. Pretending like we weren't just thers to have fun. "Why not? It's always good for young spies to learn as much as possible." he looked like he bought into my act. "Thanks."

           We geared up and entered the course. I could tell even though this was supposed to be fun it would come in handy as good training.


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