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*WARNING* There's a lot of cussing in this

Your POV:

Oh for fuck's sake.

I rolled my eyes as I walked passed C/N and some slut he was kissing against a locker. That boy was always finding some new girl's heart to break, whether it was an innocent girl or a whore. 

I walked into my classroom ignoring my teacher who was bitching about why I was late again. Can't she leave me alone? It's not like she cares about my future. At least I hope not cause' she's goin to be real disappointed. 

I sat back in my chair, putting my feet on top of the chair in front of me. I'm wearing black jeans, a black graphic tee, a black leather jacket, and some black converse. I also put on a red choker cause', I wanted to add some color.

"C/N! FOR THE LAST TIME! NO PDA DURING CLASS!" I heard the teacher scream.

I glanced at C/N with a bored expression. He had a girl (a different girl then from earlier might I add) perched on his lap. He looked up at me and grinned. I would totally beat up his ass if it weren't for all the fucking notations I already got from the school and the police.

I stared at the clock urging it to tick by faster as my teacher droned on and on.


I stood up from the table shoving people aside and headed toward the door.

"Watch where you're going slut!" A girl yelled behind me.

I slowly turned around as people parted, making way for me to walk to the bitch. I was a good 4 inches taller and I towered over her when I stood directly in front of her annoying ass.

"What'd you say?" I snarled.

She took my appearance in. Realizing who I am she cowered back saying, "Nothing."

"That's what I thought," I glared.

I walked away, people clearing away. As I turned a corner I felt someone put there hand on my shoulder.

I stopped, grabbed their wrist and flipped the person around there hand bending in an abnormal direction.

"OWWWWWWWWW Y/N! WHAT THE FUCK!" I heard the person say.

I sighed, "Don't fucking touch me C/N."

"I just wanted to talk to you, my god." He rubbed his wrist, "That was a bitch of a move."

I smirked at him, "Well what can I say. I'm one bitch of a person."

He grinned. He was wearing almost the exact same outfit as me except instead of a red choker, he sported a red bandanna.

Suddenly, he grabbed me and kissed me on the lips.

"Hey!" I shouted as I shoved him away, "I'm not some slut you know! And what'd I say about touching me?!"

"Chill, I just wanted to kiss your pouty lips," he put his hands up in the air in surrender while laughing.

I glared at him, turned around and walked away. Truth is, the kiss scared me. He made me feel something I've never felt before. But I can't fucking like him because he fucks a girl and then moves on. 

I sighed and walked up to the "popular kids" lunch table, grabbed the closest jock to me by the shirt and slammed his lips on mine,

"Sorry, I just needed to rub off the C/N cooties," I smiled, wrinkling my nose at him.

He blushed and started muttering some words as the whole cafeteria went quiet. Probably some girls are giving me glares right now.

Eh, we needed some new drama around here, it's getting pretty boring.

I strolled out of the cafeteria, stares following me. I walked to the front school doors, kicked them open and ran to my motorcycle.

I put on my helmet cause', I'm not tryna' die. Ya know? I rode down the streets, my mind in another world. I guess I needed ice cream cause' I ended up at an ice cream parlor.

I walked out of the store with an ice cream cone in my hand.

I stopped and looked at the sight in front of me. A grinning C/N was leaning against my bike. My bike.

"HEY! GET OFF MY BIKE!" I yelled as I ran over to C/N.

"Calm down Y/N. I was just waiting for the little runaway girl."

I glared up at him, "You're only 5 inches taller than me."

"Keyword, taller."

He got on his motorcycle that was parked right next to mine, "Let's have a race."

I smirked, "Sure."

We raced down roads that we knew would be vacant at this hour. Laughing and screaming while making some pedestrians mad, we had a lot of fun. Maybe C/N was good for somthin'.

We ended up stopping in front of my beat down house.

"We should do this again Y/N," C/N smiled, "maybe you're not such a bitch after all."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah and maybe you're not such a dick after all."

He grinned, grabbed me by the waist and kissed me, again.

"See ya," he said as he pulled away from the sidewalk on his motorcycle.

I have got to stop hanging out with this "bad boy" or else he might start thinking it's okay to be touching me. But hey, if he breaks my heart I'll break his face. I don't need anyone to try and protect me.

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