Chapter 2 - 09:50 Los Angeles, USA

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When it came to his wife Cheryl, Liam always seemed hostile towards her. She may had been older than him but she was overly demanding. Odd enough he actually never wanted to marry her. He actually planned to be a dirty bachelor all his life but to please his mother who was on her deathbed the year before he married her and that brought something he never expected to change him. His pride and joy of a son, Bear Grey Payne.

He loved his son very much but if he had to be honest he never shared the love with the mother, his wife.

However, surprisingly every time she'd get on his nerves with her spoiled bitchy comments he somehow was able to keep himself under control yet day by day he was finding that very hard to do.

Cheryl was more the one who was physically and emotionally abusive with him. She'd throw plates at him, burn him with lighters, throw knives at him. Even sometimes she'd take his gun and hold it to his head till she got what she wanted.

Now Liam wasn't a pussy. He would have loved to get his revenge but if only she was man. With women, Liam respected them and was against the whole violence thing but as stated early just towards her that motto of his was soon to snap.

When Liam would go after people's families he could never hurt the women himself. He'd leave that to his trusted sidekicks. It was the only scene he refused to watch and so he usually would flee quickly before they'd start. Liam respected omegas as well, especially the helpless ones even if it were a male he never dared touch them.

Rumors circulated around his ring of him being a rapist but he really wasn't. I mean yeah he slept with a lot of women but they were all consenting. He would never take a drunk girl and take advantage of them nor would he kidnap some random girl and force her to have sex with him anytime he wanted her to. However, he had to admit his men were the ones to blame for such sad acts. Aside from that no one, not even his close friends really knew who he truly was and what he believed in.

Again Liam was violent and very fearsome but that was only if you ticked him off real bad and gave him a reason to confront you in such a way. As himself Liam still was a kind hearted man especially when it came to his close friends. They were all considered family to him no matter what and anyone who came at them he was quick to protect. That was who Liam truly was. Always looking out for his loved ones.

"Show off." A young ombre haired man grumbled stepping up to the pool table to take his turn.

Liam chuckled lightly, tapping the end of his cue stick upon the tiled ground "You're just not trying hard enough, Justin."

Justin rolled his eyes at him as he positioned himself at one of his balls "I'll show ya-" he was about to finish his sentence but he was suddenly interrupted.

"Mr. Payne I have some serious matters to discuss with you." Called a tall dark looking man from the door across from them.

Justin huffed stomping his feet breaking his stance "Really Gerald? We were in the middle of a game."

Liam shook his head in disapproval of the boy's childish actions "I'll be back, you child."

"I'm no kid bro!" Justin exclaimed in offense.

Gerald and Liam shared a laugh as they both exited the room together leaving him inside alone.

"My man." Gerald greeted patting Liam's back as they walked down the long hall.

"What's the news?" Liam questioned him, leading him to the end of the hall where his main office was.

His advisers smile soon faded "It's not something you'd like to hear, man." The older man explained following behind Liam into the small quaint room.

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