Chapter 2 - 09:50 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 2
Date: March 21st, 2018
Time: 09:50
Location: Huntington Cove, Los Angeles, USA
Hideout and Vacation home

With the pale full moon's reflection reflecting off the rippling sea it created a nice flowing illusion upon the white eggshells walls of the windowed beach mansion. Even with the lights on the sight of the lit pacific sea was quite breath taking.

That's part of the reason why Liam chose to build upon a high cliff. For the incredible view and a great hideout from the law. He had over three built mansions along with a safe house so that actually made about four mansions in all. The amount of cars he had was beyond the average number you'd think a millionaire would own.

The reason for that was was part of his way of keeping himself off the radar from the government. Using different identities and licenses was a pretty good way of ensuring his safety and yeah it was expensive but with the money he made he was able to legitimately wipe any single trace of himself. So getting caught was not an issue for him. That was least of his worries. It was what the government would do to him if when they'd find him.

You see being the 2nd richest man in the world Liam had much power. He knew the government knew of him and how intelligent he was . An abnormally smart criminal like him could be used within the US force and that was their plan, to capture, brainwash him and make him a soldier of their own. Liam obviously wasn't stupid he knew exactly what the government wanted and he knew killing him was definitely not what they had in mind. Liam was very careful with the moves he made to keep himself from being found from those government freaks.

He still couldn't stop thinking of what they'd do first, he knew for a fact they would take everything from him. His dear son, his hard earned money, his precious memories and basically his whole fucking life. Then they'd take him through the whole mind control process and make him into one of their freaky robot soldiers. They'd be in control of his mind, thoughts and feelings.

He knew the dreary day was coming and coming fast and yet he still pondered of what his plans would be for his escape. He'd do anything to be on death roll or live in prison all his life than be a fucking experiment.That was all he feared. His workers thought him mad but he knew what the government was truly capable of, they would show know mercy on him.

The one curse he dwelt on was only that. He still loved his life though. Being a druglord wasn't the best way to gain success but he actually learned so much from it and it matured him fairly quickly. He also learned how to be a well respected leader. Liam honestly loved the feeling of having control over his people. He felt like a king.

Bear, his only son was the one that brought him the little love and kindness into his heart. That helped balance out his attitude and behavior towards people who went against him that his team brought in. He grew compassionate, willing and very humble.

Yet he did not play with no fakes. One wrong move with him and he wouldn't hesitate to brutally punish you. No one ever dared to go against Liam. His temper was wild and as a high ranked alpha he was capable of causing much damage, he could do the cruelest thing within a snap of his fingers if he wanted to.

With his heart still quite cold, men in deep trouble with him ended up killing themselves before Liam and his gang could put their hands on them. Liam would heartlessly laugh at how stupid they were then go after their families only if it was necessary.

He did have a strange obsession with watching those who pissed him off greatly suffer. Liam would smile an entertained evil smile and snicker at the height of their agony as if it was a lovely show he was hosting. Then with his own hands he'd take lead and drive a knife right through their heart and mark them with his initials pleasing his audience.

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