Fourteen – Springing the Trap

Jessica nimbly caught the spray-paint can Meg chucked at her head. She and the demon were in charge of placing Devil's traps outside around the house. The rest were inside, preparing.

"Maybe I should do it, considering I know what they look like?" Meg offered.

"Are you gonna get stuck in it if I let you?" Jessica retorted.

"...I'll give you pointers. It doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough to hold them."

With a nod, Jessica obeyed any direction Meg gave her. Her heart was running fast. What if the possessed brothers got here before everything was finished? How could they improvise something out of that?

"If they give chase out here, make sure you got that recording on you," Meg reminded Jessica. In what spare time the girls had, Charlie had made them move forward in recording their voices chanting the exorcism. This was the first time they were going to utilize their new weapon.

"How do you know I haven't read and memorized the exorcism?"

"You're pulling my leg, Malibu. Come on."

Jessica rolled her eyes and continued following Meg's instructions about the drawing.

Once finished, they let the paint dry on the grass before Jessica kicked some leaves to disguise the trap. She looked to the Impala to find Charlie rummaging through its trunk, probably for weapons. I can't believe we're trying to capture Sam and Dean. This sounds insane. But it really didn't, not as much as it used to sound to her. She could admit, though things were beyond weird, she was accepting them. She was getting more comfortable.

That even included getting along with Meg.

Preparations felt like forever to Jessica. She was pretty accurate in her thinking, because night fell by the time everything was finished.

Once all traps were complete, Cas, Meg, Charlie, Jo, and Jessica headed out, with Charlie moving the Impala so as to not give away their presence. They perched themselves at various points near Jody's house. Charlie hid in the sheriff's car. Castiel hid himself behind a tree across the street. Meg was positioned behind the back of a neighbor's house. Jessica remained behind a few bushes, crouched low, ignoring the feeling of bugs crawling on her skin.

She dimmed the lighting down on her phone the lowest it would go. As soon as someone saw Sam and Dean, they'd alert the others. Until they heard any sort of danger going on inside of the house, they'd remain outside, just in case.

Jessica waited with bated breath, watching the house from across the street. Where are they coming from? What are they driving? She pulled a stray blonde lock back behind her ear, the rest was pulled into a high ponytail. She kept a dagger firmly grasped in one hand.

Her phone buzzed. Incoming.

Jessica squinted her eyes. A streetlight flickered.

She blinked at first, because she wasn't sure she was seeing things correctly. She only saw Not Sam walking to Jody's place, Not Dean was nowhere in sight. Maybe they're going to flank the house or something. No need to panic yet. He was still a distance from being a threat.

Until Jessica's head snapped towards the sound of roughhousing, and one of the creatures involved was Cas. Damn it, Cas. You weren't supposed to spring on him this early! She had to pull Not Sam into a trap, she had to.

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