~31~Love and War~

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Jaden's pov

It has been two months without Draco or Harry. I sat by Cedric while Avry sat by Sam,they talked and I held Cedric's pale hand,he has been super protective since we started dating.

''you alright babe?''he whispered during DADA class with the other two jerks.

''yeah.''i glanced at him and he showed a grin.

''love you.''he kissed my cheek and I smiled slightly,looking at Draco and Pansy,he wrapped his arm around her and she kissed him,Draco looked miserable though.

''Shows him right.''I muttered.

''Say something babe?''Cedric asked while writing something Down.

''No.''I shook my head slowly as Draco glanced back,his eyes filled with sorrow and pain.

He turned quickly and started writing something down and made it into a bird,it flew across the classroom and I caught it,hiding it from Cedric as I read.

I miss you.

I rolled my eyes.

You broke up with me because I "cheated" on you.

That was only because I thought you liked Cedric. When you were drunk,you kept telling me how he tried to make you kiss him and shit.

He treats me better than you did when you thought I cheated on you.

What were you even doing?

Me and Avry were helping Cedric put on his vest for Cho. But Harry and You overreacted and thought we were touching his fucking chest.

You love him,don't you?

I paused,looking at him as he read,he glanced up and smiled and I showed a weak grin and kept writing.


You love me?


Do you love me?

Of course,potter. You're amazing. You're smart,beautiful,tough,confident,and so much more.


Fuck. Listen.

I love you.

I love you too Draco..

Then break up with him.

You love Pansy.

We broke up two days ago. Harry and Avry are back together.

That doesn't mean I'm gonna forgive you that quickly.

What can I do to make you break up with him?

Whatever it takes.

I stopped writing and he gazed back at me,grinning and I returned a grin.

''Wow.''Cedric spoke up.

'W-What?''I glanced over,he was laughing and shaking his head.

''You have never looked at me the way you look at him.''He looked at me,smiling. His eyes were hurt and I opened my mouth to speak and he put his finger to my lips.

''I know. It's okay. I get it. I love you.''He looked away,and I felt my stomach twist into a knot.

''Cedric,I'm so sorry..''I mumbled.

''Kiss me.''

''w-what?''my eyes widened.

''kiss me one last time before you leave me for Malfoy.''he gazed at me.

''o-okay..''I gulped and kissed him softly on the lips,we both pulled away a few moments later and I got up,running out of the classroom.

I sank to the ground in the empty hall way and buried my head into my knees.

''I fucked up..''Someone sat beside me and wrapped there arm around me,I glanced up,tears streaming.

Draco's pov

I looked into her hurt eyes and my body edged me forward and I kissed her soft lips,before pulling away a minute later.

''i'm so sorry. ''I apologized,my stomach in a knot of sorrow.

''w-will you still love me?''she looked away,her eyes throwing tears out.

''I love you more than you could ever imagine. I love you to the moon and back.''i put my hand on her chin and she glanced at me.

''will you be my girlfriend again?''i asked and she nodded,hugging me.

''lets go.''i stood after a moment and we walked away,going outside and jaden dropped her books,Harry hanged from a hook,his head hung low and blood dripped. I covered my mouth and Jaden ran forward,sobbing.

''Harry!''She cried and he tilted his head up,crying.

''Who did this?''I walked forward.

''V-Voldemort--He's back..--For Us..''Harry spat out before falling off the hook,Voldemort and his deatheaters behined him and I grabbed Harry,Jaden pulling her wand out,as Avry and all our crew started coming out to join.

''You're going down,Baldy.''Avry hissed at Voldemort,he and his death eaters roared with laughter.

''I'm here to kill Harry James Potter and Jaden Lilly Potter. For good.''Voldemort narrowed his eyes,they flashed green to blue.

''That won't happen,we'll protect them and all of us will defeat you!''Neville held his wand up,everybody in our crew held there wand up.

''Let The War Begin.''Blaise growled.

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