Ch. 2 Getting on his good side

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I grab a pack of frozen carrot and peas then place it on my aching face. Grimmjow made his way into my room blurting out,

"Get your ass up and get your ass to work"

His voice became terrifying and irritating, I sigh then reply,

"Cut me some slack you beat the living shit out of me"

"I don't give a flying fuck"

"I don't think Aizen is going to miss your ass or even notice you're gone, so go have some apple juice that's in the fridge"

"Who do you think you're talking to? I'm...."

I cut him off,

"Grimmjow Jaggerjack the sexta espada the best of the best blah blah blah shut up"

"How do you all these things about me?"

"Lets just say I was your fan but I think I'll just go to Ulquiorra instead"


"Yeah, you heard me"

"What does that emo pale mother fucker has that I don't?"

"Well he's two ranks above you, he's stronger, he doesn't yell, and he probably would be more fun to hang with than you"

"I'll show you some fun"

He threw away my carrots and peas, then wrap his hands on my throat as he putting force. I couldn't breathe. I try to loosen his grip but nothing work. But I managed to gasp,

"please ...... stop"

"Take back what you said"


He let me fall on the floor, I look up and his hand was stretched out towards me. I took his hand and brought myself up. It was like the first nice gesture I have received from him since he arrived.

"You can let go of my hand"


I began to blush as I let go of his hand. It got.....awkward. I hide my face then run into the kitchen and ask,

"Are you hungry?"

he reply


With that response I knew I had to make some of my special TACOS!!!!!!

Not those soft shell tacos, but the real deal. I made a dozen so we can share with a side of rice and beans along with a glass of soda. I came in with the tray and said,

"You live in Spanish place, right? I think you'll love this then?"

he reply "Yeah"

Grimmjow stare at it then try to pick one up with a fork. I quietly giggle but got his attention then pick one to my hands and took a bite. He did the same process and when he took the first bite he then shove the whole thing in his mouth and grab another. I later comment when he finished the rest of them,

"Glad you like them, maybe you want something to wash it down with"

I hand him a cup, he gulp the whole thing and ask,

"What do you called this?"

"Dr. pepper. It contains 23 flavors"

"Give me more woman"

"Nuh uh uh what's the magic word?"

"Fine. (_____) May I have some more p...."

He took the bottle from my hands then blurt out,

"Psych! bitch"

I then growl ,

"Give that back asshole"

I try to get the soda back but he started drinking the rest what was left in the bottle. I knocked it out of his lips and it sprinkle all over us. He snarl,

"Thanks a lot smartass you got my uniform dirty"

I snap back,

"You don't seem to complain much when its recovered in blood"

"Cause it's worth it"

"Stop your whining. You know I can wash it for you, you cry baby"

"Who you calling a baby?"

Grimmjow got on my face, his stare overpower me but I shut my eyes.


Out of nowhere he began to laugh like a psycho maniac, all that got me off the hook. Did I miss something? I ask him,

"Why are you laughing?"

He patted my head then explain,

"Nothing, is just the way you said it"

My face lit up to a pink shade, now that I thought about the way I said it.

"I didn't mean it like that!" I exclaim

He continued to laugh his ass off then got to much closer to my face. He gave his bored stare and said,

"Then what did you try to say"

"Get your face away from me"

"What does it bother you?" he began to tease

"No is just..distracting me"

I shove his face away, but Grimmjow came up with a conclusion as he stare at me while I try to look away,

"No way. You can't be. Could you? Do you have some sort of crush over me?"


"You do"

"Shut your face, I'm starting to regret it"

"So you are. Well I can't blame you just look at me, I'm fucking hot"

I rolled my eyes then headed upstairs.

to be continue.....

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