Chapter 030: 011

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Brynn stood up and stood beside Mike. Brynn saw Hopper's eyes drift over to Will's fingers, which were tapping frantically. He rushed inside, and everyone followed.

"What happened?" Dustin asked.

"I think he's talking, just not with words."

Hopper started drawing dots and dashes on a piece of paper.

"What is that?" Steve asked.

"Morse code." Everyone except Brynn and Steve answered.

"H-E-R-E..." Hopper spelled out.


"Will's still in there, he's talking to us." Hopper stated.

Jonathan got the radio and started playing "Should I stay or should I go?" On it. He sat in front of Will and started telling him stories of their life. Hopper stood close by, watching Will's fingers tap. He used a walkie-talkie to send the taps inside. The kids translated them to letters, then wrote them down. At the end, they had two words.

"Close gate." They all said in unison.

Suddenly, the phone rang, and they all jumped. Dustin ran and hung up the phone, and they all sighed. It started ringing again, and Nancy ripped it off the wall.

"It's just a phone, It could be anywhere. Right?" Steve asked. Brynn closed her eyes and tapped in to Will, and saw the tunnels.

"He knows!" She said. Suddenly, there was an awful screeching noise, that sounded like the Demogorgon.

They all went to the front door.

"That's not good..." Dustin started.

Everyone ran in the house, Hopper holding a gun. They all grabbed a weapon of some sort, except Brynn, of course. They all stood, staring at the windows, weapons ready. There came a lot of screeching sounds from outside, then everything went silent. A dead Demo-dogs body flew through the window, landing in the middle of everyone. They all jumped back, and some yelped. Hopper nudged the body, to make sure it was dead. There was a creaking sound and everyone spun around. They watched as the two locks on the door unlocked, and the door flew open.
        A girl walked in, she had short hair and Brown eyes with dark makeup. She was wearing all black and white converse. Mike walked past everyone as they lowered their weapons. Brynn nudged the person closest to her, which happened to be Lucas.

"Is that-"


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