Chapter 15

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I woke up having a terrible headache, I turned over to Alex side of the bed not finding him there. I got up and walked down the stairs. I saw Alex making breakfast, I hugged him from behind and kissed his shoulder "good morning love" he said. I groaned "good morning" I felt a sharp pain in my head. "Are you alright?" Alex asked worried. I didn't say anything as I couldn't see anything. "Perrie!" "Why's the room turning?" I felt like I was going to fall down on the ground any second. Alex looked at me. "I'm alright I just got a bit dizzy" I walked to the couch. I saw everything turning again. Alex rushed over to me. He picked me up in bridal style and carried me upstairs. "Okay just relax I will bring You're food upstairs" "okay" I said.

Perrie has been sleeping all day, I made some dinner and I was about to wake her up. I walked upstairs. "Hey" I said seeing she was awake. "Hey, how do you feel" "a lot better thank you" "okay let's go down i made dinner". I walked down and set the table. "So I was looking at some houses today, and I came to a couple ones I think you'll like". "Okay let's see them then" I showed her a couple of houses. "Oh I like that one" she said. Great it was my favorite. "It looks so good" she smiled. The house was massive with a pool and a big garden. It had 5 bedrooms and bathrooms included. "When are we gonna look at it?" "Tomorrow?" I said. "Well that's okay by me but i don't know if we can look at it then" I looked for dates of open house. "I can make an appointment for tomorrow?" "Okay let's do it then"

The next morning perrie and I were at to the house, "Alex" perrie whispered I looked at her. "This is like the perfect house" she said softly. "Yes like I thought" I whispered back. "Do we take it?" She asked. "Yes" her face lit up and her wyes started to sparkle. "So that was it" the woman who lead us around says. "What do you think!" She asked. "I think we take it" I said. "Congratulations! I'll get the papers" she said walking away. "Oh my god I can't believe we're going to live together" perrie said. "Well I mean I was already living at yours but" she giggled. "Okay here are the papers congratulations on the house" "thank you" perrie said smiling. "Well you're lucky cause tomorrow you can actually already move in" the woman said. "Wow that's so nice" I said. "Okay it's done thank you for the help" I said. "Of coarse no problem have a nice day" we walked out of the house when I picked perrie up. "We've bought our first house" I said excited. She laughed. "Yeah we did" we kissed and got in the car.

I was singing to a song making lunch when Alex hugged me from behind. "What do you want to eat love" I asked. "You?" He said kissing my shoulder. "Smooth" I said. "Yeah you think? I mean it was pretty good all do I say it myself" he said proud. "No but seriously what do you want to eat? For lunch" "well I would still like to eat you, but I would like an egg. He says kissing my forehead. Walking over to the couch. I made our lunch and I put it down on the table. "So how's you're leg doing? I mean does it hurt?" "No it's going really good the Docter says I'm improving really much so that's a good sign" he said. "Do you know when you're allowed to play again?" "No unfortunately not yet but I just started" "good". I picked our plates up and put them in the sink. "Babe?" Alex called, I loved it when he called me that it made my heart flutter. "Yeah?" I said back. He walked up to me and wrapped his hands around my waist. I put my hand around his neck. "What do you think of the idea of going out to eat tonight?" He asked. "Well I do love that idea" I said "but I've never been asked" I said sarcastically. He went down on one knee, I giggled at the sight in front of me. "Perrie Louise Edwards or Oxlade-Chamberlain" he said making me blush. "Would you like to go on a date with me tonight?" I sat down on. His knee. "I would love to" I kissed him he stood up and pulled me closer, he picked me up and pinned me up against the wall. "Mmm" I mumbled while pulling away. "Dessert gets served later" I said smirking and walking away from him. He laughed. And slightly smacked my bum. I looked around angry. "Mr. Oxlade-Chamberlain did you just seriously do that!" I asked sarcastically. "Oh I'm sorry mrs Edwards but it's just right there and I can't help but look at it" he said smirking. "I'm going to take a shower" I said walking to the stairs. I looked at him. "You wanna join?" He smiled at me. And walked after me up the stairs. After that I made myself ready for a romantic date night.

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