A/N: I dedicate this to my very good friend who's known on here by LouisIsHarrysBoo, for tweaking this prologue to make it better, and was the reason why I got so interested in One Direction in the first place, as well as fanfics - especially Larry Stylinson ones. Love you Keyali! :) x

Harry and Louis are two completely different people. Harry gets the girls, Louis gets the laughs & detention slips. Harry has the curly locks the girls crave; Louis has the personality that everyone envies. Harry flaunts low cut t-shirts and the occasional blazer, while Louis shows off his stripes, suspenders, and a baseball tee every once in a while. Other than the occasional "Hi", the two don't cross paths often. But, as fate would have it, they're paired together for a project. Louis can barely contain his excitement, considering that he had fancied Harry for quite some time now. And although it isn't exactly known by many, Harry is also interested in guys, Lou in particular. Predictably, Louis doesn't have the slightest clue. At the beginning it's a little rough for both of them to get along, but as they start to spend more & more time together, even after the project, they become close enough that they question within themselves if their feelings are true.

With some convincing from his mates, maybe, just maybe, Harry can get his feelings for Louis in check. Who knows what could happen when two different worlds collide.

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