Chapter 1- 05:30 England, UK

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His eyes that were constantly mistaken brown, shined of fine gold in the bright sunlight. It was almost inhuman yet quite mesmerizing. Many who met him believed he was a being of an other world with such eyes. If you took a moment and looked even closer you'd find right at the edge of his left eye a little speck formed into his iris. It was one of the other many unique things about him.

For a young man of 20 he was surely naive and full of curiosity but he knew when to be mature. His snappy sass was the best part about him which is what the bureau loved. He may have acted shy but when he spoke against others whom they'd spy on in the field of duty he was excellent at manipulating the unsubs by using that nipping sass of his.

"Where are you from, you gorgeous omega?" The man sneered getting rather to close to the armed spy.

The young spy showed no fear as the man neared him. He only cocked a brow and curled his hand around his gun in his pocket "My mothers uterus." He pulled the gun out immediately pressing it to the man's chest "And yes I know I am gorgeous but I got a bit of a bite too me. I get it from me mum. Sorry about that, mate" and with that he pulled the trigger.

Yep he was a true viper, he was. The main pride and glory of the whole bureau. His agency loved him and how hard he worked. He showed much passion for his job which made his boss very pleased with him, placing him in 2nd in rank. He wanted to be a role model for the incoming generation of omegas. He wanted to show them they could be as successful as him.

It was against spy code to have a spy in the public eye but children still learned about him in their special crime classes. They wanted to be like him. Those classes did keep quiet so that's why he remained unheard of in the mainstream media and such but once a criminal was immediately caught by some special techniques etc. Those children knew it was the doing of Zayn Javadd Malik.

That beautiful sassy British/Pakistani man children dreamt of being. He basically the hero of the world.

Back to his curious persona, that was his weakness. It always had him close to life or death situations

You see he had met death once but death showed him mercy and granted him a chance. Zayn never learned though. He'd always end up wandering off to do his own investigation while his team would be in the middle of a whole different one. His mind still was at that childlike wondrous state.

That was the one thing the chief disliked it about him but he learned to just deal with it. He couldn't risk loosing his one favorited agent over something stupid like that so he did his best to help guide the young omega back on track. It was no he thought at the time.
It was 06:00 when the young spy hurried into the conference room inside their main bureaus headquarters, in response to an urgent meeting call that was sent out by their boss.

Within the conference room Zayn was met by his fellow agents.

There was the Head and chief alpha Simon Cowell, second in command alpha Paul Higgins, the main brains who was an American/Canadian recruit alpha Shawn Mendes, the crazy obscure tech boy omega Harry Styles, the constant troublemaker who was another recruit from Ireland beta Niall Horan, and himself the dangerous pretty weapon of the team omega Zayn Malik. That was pretty much his whole team along with a few other agents but they usually were only were called in when they needed back up or when they traveled out of the area.

The whole squad sat around a long fine wood table in the conference room where Large windows were set at the one side of the room lighting up the daft room drowning out the brightness of the dull fluorescent lights over their heads.

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