Chapter 1- 05:30 England, UK

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Chapter 1
Date: March 20th 2018
Location: Confidential
SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) British headquarters

The early spring air was in its wake fighting off the last nips of the winters cold touches. Over the horizon a warm golden glow took over the dusk navy blue sky. Flowers opened up gradually taking advantage of the bright light their petals absorbed to make them grow stronger.

Twas a fairly normal Tuesday morning in the usual bustling city of London. It was even quieter on the outskirts of the urban world.

Away deep in the hidden forest of England where many secrets were held.

Where people feared the woods for strange unexplainable things always seemed to happen deep within yet little did they know that was only their government at work.

Now don't go about looking in forests for a big government building of some sort. Getting caught is not something you'd want trust me. No secret government agency would ever show mercy to anyone. Take my words.

You're probably curious on why I'd even speak about the government or well the British government to be exact.

It's not a conspiracy type of story, not that I know of. It does however consist a young naive spy agent who's status was an omega.

To be an omega in a large high ranked spy bureau full of mainly alphas was unheard of. How did this omega even become a spy? you ask If the omega answered he'd always come back with "Why not? If a beta could be a spy then why not an omega?"

All because you're an omega doesn't mean you have to sit around, be a sex toy when your alpha is in rut or when your in heat, pop out a few pups and be a lousy house wife all your life. This was 2018, so much has changed within omegas. They now were taking alphas positions in big jobs.

This man was one of them.

They too could be managers, policemen, astronauts and much more. Not many agreed but all omegas would say to that is "Alphas needed to learn to control themselves and learn the meaning of respect."

It was true. Within this change Alphas had learned that but there was still those who thought otherwise and would pick around. It was actually now considered a crime to pick up on an omega in heat. You'd earn up to 3 years in jail and in that time you'd be forced to take a class on how to control your alpha instincts.

To live in this generation it did have its pros such as that but their were cons as well which I'd rather not speak of at the moment.

Let's move the attention back on our man in question, shall we?

As by young I mean he was young. Not like a teen but he was a young adult. Born January 12th 1997 a healthy baby omega boy was born. A boy who grew with such unrealistic angelic features. He was blessed with and his loving mother and father were so thankful and proud with how he turned out.

His head was full of a thick dark raven shade it resembled much of the actual bird itself.

His head was full of a thick dark raven shade it resembled much of the actual bird itself

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