Chapter Forty-three

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I didn't know how to feel about this. I would have used my shadow travel but I was using to much power to hide the box. Calypso and Leo can literally turn a stack of books and a purple curtain into anything, which I'm glad for don't get me wrong but our four-second plan did rely on someone being awake behind the window but y'know small details. I looked down at the drop below me. Small details. 

"Your friends are fighting," Ron muttered dumbly. About what? would he answer I mean he's absolutely too confident but he's not an idiot, right?

"About what?" I asked and he smirked.

"whether or not they should tell which one has the box." Wrong. I sighed and pretended to be upset.

"This is the end of our game, isn't it?" I asked formally, He didn't know the truth and he didn't need to know the truth. He laughed.


"What's going on?" I looked over and saw Fred, his glowing face wide with horror. He didn't want this.

"I'm doing the right thing, If we get that box back then we can get everyone in the castle who's died back." Including Voldermort? I felt paralyzed, nothing I could do or say could save me. Fred was our only hope. A dead teenager was literally our one hope.

"But I don't want to come back." Fred sounded lost, almost as if he hadn't fully emitted that to himself. 

"What?" Ron sounded mad, betrayed. I should be more scared but I knew that somehow everything was going to be fine.

"That box is made from the resurrection stone, those who come back can't be the same, I don't want to live anymore. I can't feel alive anymore, If I did then I'd be in the Underground." I smiled, so he did know how it worked. If you have died and want to live then you must go, If you have lived and now have died, then you stay. Hogwarts had an oath with my father and that rhyme controls it. Fred lived his life, now he was dead. The founders allowed ghosts here to teach students not to fear death, that meant that they actually had to have ghosts that were dead.

"What? Fred do you even hear yourself, you're my brother and when They sends the message out to Hermione and me on what one of those stupid Royals have that box then you'll be with George again and things will go back to normal!" Ron screamed his voice was desperate, I get that losing someone hurts especially when they're your older sibling but If they don't want to go back, then you need to understand that. 

"You said that it would bring everyone back right?" Fred looked terrified more than before, his eyes flickered to me as he moved forward, he didn't want to startle Ron and drop me. Ron blinked and gave Fred the 'duh' look.

"Voldemort died here, Ron Umbridge and They want Tom back to get back at Harry for killing her. They was Salzer Slytherins brother, He died when they were teens. The school motto was made because of They or Douglas, he tickled the tail of a sleeping Dragon to prove a point to Godric and died when the beast lost control. This is why Slytherins and Gryffindors usually don't get along, Godric killed Salzer's brother; Douglas felt forgotten and alone in the woods. He watched as his brother grew up and left him. Threa the being that guards these forests feed that loneliness until They turned into who he is today, she was the one who tried to stop you when you found the box while looking for Annabeth. Draco asked his father to kidnap Annabeth, he knew about Umbridge and wanted to give us a better chance at stopping They. They all lied to you. Please, you've got to listen to me!" Fred was desperate and my head pounded, They was Douglas, That women in the woods was called Threa and Harry Killed that other ghost Will told me about. Umbrella or whatever her name was. I looked up, Ron had his hands clenched at his sides, he was shaking and had his chin tucked to his chest. I wonder what it would feel like to be told off by your dead brother?

"Why are you always right?" Fred smiled and placed a smoky hand on his little brother's shoulder. 

"Because I love you and if someone is going to turn my baby brother to insanity then it has to be me, They like totally almost stole my title. 'Fred Weasley the one to make Ronald go insane!'" Fred spread his arms out and announced the name to the audience of my unconscious friends.

Ron laughed but quickly fell silent. 

"Oh no," What! What in my father's name was going on! I looked around and saw smoke coming from the woods. Will. 

"What! What happened!?" I screamed tears filled my eyes no this can't be happening. I refuse to believe it! 

"They took the boxes from everyone and found out that they were fakes. When Threa got mad at them and tried to strangle Piper which made Leo and Jason mad and they started a forest fire, we need to get over there now!" Ron said holding one of those mortal ear pieces tightly. 

"Well?!" I asked looking up at him through my bangs. 

"Well, what?" I felt my jaw pop as I ground my teeth in frustration.

"Well help me up, reverse the spell you did and get all of us to those woods!" I screamed clawing at the stone and reaching my arm out to him.

"Okay," He grabbed my arm. 

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